Happy Hump Day News: Green Goodness

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As vaccinations continue to be rolled out around the world (even the endangered great apes in San Diego zoo have been jabbed!), normality feels almost within reach. Here are some more uplifting tales from our planet this St Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

Going Green


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St Patrick’s Day celebrations are cancelled in Chicago for the second year in a row, however the city surprised its residents by carrying out one of its much-loved traditions anyway — dying the river green. The spectacle was arranged by the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers in the hope that it would create a feeling of normalcy this year.

Compare the Meerkats


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Researchers who studied the behaviour of animals in and out of lockdown have revealed that meerkats in the UK reacted in a positive way to the return of human visitors, by interacting with each other more. Meanwhile in South Africa, Africa penguins didn’t seem to really notice anything had changed. Cool customers indeed!

Ramen Brother


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An unassuming village in China experienced its fifteen minutes of fame this week, when a video of a farmer who makes and sells ramen for just three yuan (about 33p) went viral. Influencers and bloggers descended on Matihe, boosting the local economy. Cheng Yunfu, nicknamed Ramen Brother, hopes to use his new-found fame to improve his hometown, which at the moment doesn’t have street lights or concrete roads.

Purr-fect Match

Scientists in Buenos Aires set a male jaguar up on a blind date, and the match was fur-midable. Qaramta was the only jaguar roaming in El Impenetrable National Park, so Rewilding Argentina introduced him to a female called Tania, in the hope that they might start a family — and it appears that they have now started mating. It is estimated that there are only around 250 jaguars left in Argentina, so this pairing could be a huge step towards repopulating the species.

Starry Night

Tianjin University in China broke a Guinness World Record with their recent light show: A Tribute to Van Gogh. The mesmerising show saw 600 drones recreate some of the artist’s most famous paintings for a total of 26 minutes and 19 seconds, which set a record for the longest animation performed by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Coo Cam


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If you’re missing the freedom of being able to explore the world — even the gems that are on our doorstep — then head over to Visit Scotland’s social channels, where you can enjoy some videos of the country’s famous Highland Cows every ‘Coosday’ (Tuesday). Watching these magnificent, shaggy creatures wander through the rolling fields of Scotland is surprisingly relaxing, and makes us excited about getting back to nature ourselves.

And Finally…

Here is a little reminder from an elderly, vaccinated New Yorker that you’re never too old to start a new hobby, or find what makes you truly happy…


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