Happy Hump Day News: Glow-in-the-Dark Sharks and Ornate Cakes

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Is it just us, or has this week felt like a bit of a whirlwind? From changeable weather to breakfast television drama, we could definitely do with some light relief. Here are some pleasant stories (mostly about the animal kingdom), to help get you through the rest of the week!

Toad-ally Awesome


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Herpetologists at the Manchester Museum, which is part of the University of Manchester, have successfully bred a critically endangered toad that hails from South and Central America. This makes the institution the only place outside of Panama to house the rare amphibian.



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Plans for a ‘parkipelago’ in Copenhagen estimate that three artificial islands will be built in the Danish capital’s harbour by the end of the year. From the imagination of Studio Fokstrot, this collection of miniature havens will be made from wood, steel and recycled boat material, and might one day feature floating saunas and mussel farms. The surface beneath the islands will be made so that marine life can cling to it, boosting the ecosystem while providing a new attraction for the city break hotspot.

You’ve Got Mail

Canada Post is sending a prepaid postcard to every address in the country to help people stay connected during the pandemic as part of a campaign called ‘Write Here Wrote Now’. It has inspired us to pick up the pen ourselves and write to our own loved ones — who doesn’t love receiving real mail?

 Slow Living

Thirty-six giant tortoises that were raised in captivity have been introduced to the Galapagos Islands, where they’ll join 6,700 other giant tortoises that can roam free in their native habitat. The new arrivals are aged between six and eight years old, but will likely to live to a grand old age of 100-150!

Glow-in-the-Dark Shark


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Three species of glowing sharks have been discovered by scientists in New Zealand. The kitefin shark can grow up to six feet long, which makes it the largest species of luminous vertebrate currently known on earth. The sharks were discovered in the Chatham Rise off New Zealand’s east coast at a depth of 660 to 3,300 feet underwater.

And Finally…

The start of The Great Celebrity Bake Off has got us lusting over dreamy cakes for upcoming birthday garden parties and afternoon teas. Why not make yourself or your loved ones something sweet? We all deserve it. Here’s some of our favourite Instagram inspo at the moment…


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