Happy Hump Day News: A Fond Farewell

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In the last week, London reported no COVID deaths for the second time this year, and the whole world watched when a container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal. As the UK tentatively starts to open up again and we can be reunited with our loved ones, we’re bidding a fond farewell to our weekly happy hump day news. We’ve loved compiling heartwarming stories for you over the last year — it’s certainly helped us remain positive! So, for the last time, here are some cheerful goings-on from our planet over the last few days. Enjoy!

Game Changer


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The Banksy artwork Game Changer that appeared in a Southampton hospital last May was sold at Christie’s in London last week for £16.7m, obliterating its estimate of £2.5-3.5m. The profits will be divided between UK health charities and smashes Banksy’s previous record of £9.9m for the sale of Devolved Parliament!

Twin Cities

A woman from Wakefield in Yorkshire decided to try and give away some belongings via a local Facebook group, however she accidentally joined a group based in Quebec in Canada instead of the UK. Sue Perry ended up striking up conversation with the Canadians in the group, which led to them sending a care package to her after her family was struck down by COVID. The package included maple syrup and books and items made by locals!

A Year of Adventure


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We’ve followed the story of Max Woosey over the last year, as he has camped in his garden each night to raise money for a local hospice that cared for his elderly neighbours who gave him a tent and told him to have an adventure. Over the weekend, children from all around the world joined Max — who has spent more than a year camping — by pitching up in their own gardens or living rooms. This latest event took the amount of money raised to over £500,000. Well done Max!

The Journey of Humanity


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Another art record was set this week when the world’s largest painting, titled The Journey of Humanity, was sold for £45m. British artist Sacha Jafri created the 1600-square-metre painting over eight months in a deserted hotel ballroom in Dubai and originally planned to divide the piece into 70 parts, but businessman Andre Abdoune bought the entire artwork. Jafri is donating the profits to children’s charities including Dubai Cares, Unicef, Unesco and the Global Gift Foundation and the new owner wants to build a museum to house the painting.

Burrowed Treasure


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Skokholm Island, which is located just off the coast of Pembrokeshire, was once a rabbit farm and is said to have been the inspiration for the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams. It’s only fitting then, that some bunnies recently helped uncover two Stone Age tools and some early Bronze Age pottery pieces when they were burrowing! You can follow the adventures of the wardens and the rabbits on the otherwise uninhabited island, which is owned by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, via its blog.

Garden Fossil


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A six-year-old boy in Walsall found an ancient fossil in his back garden after getting a fossil hunting kit for Christmas. The piece of horn coral is estimated to be 251 and 488 million years old! It’s unusual to find fossils in the area, but it just shows that there could be hidden treasure wherever you look!

And Finally….

The unlikely trio of a baby goat, an emu chick and a goose chick have become inseparable on a farm in Wiltshire and they make for an adorable little group… We hope you enjoy being reunited with your own BFFs over the next few weeks!