Destinations with the Rudest Names

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Here at dealchecker we like to think that we’re sophisticated, cultured travellers, and yet when we stumbled across these destinations with some seriously rude names, we were suddenly struck down by the uncontrollable giggles. It turns out that our sense of humour is wholly puerile! Here we’ve rounded up the destinations that will leave you feeling tickled too.

Mount Wank, Germany

We all know that life can sometimes be awfully frustrating. Those looking to relieve tension may want to head to Bayern’s Mount Wank to take in the gorgeous views across the surrounding mountains and valleys. To enjoy a trip here to the fullest, we recommend taking the four-seater gondola for views that are sure to satisfy.

photo of Mount Wank

Brest, France

Brest, in Brittany, is a city that welcomes visitors in to her bosom. The city has its own picturesque castle, the Château de Brest, which rises alarmingly in peaks from the river Penfeld. There is also a vast aquarium which is full to the brim with hungry predators, and a seal sanctuary.

picture of Brest in Brittany

Poo Beach, Spain

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, a trip to Poo Beach in Spain is sure to relieve your tired spirit. The beach is graced with a number of helpful facilities and there are showers for those looking to clean off after a dip in the crystal-clear waters. The area is so much lovelier than its name would suggest and there are caves to explore and sands that slope gently into the sea.

picture of Poo Beach

Crotch Lake, Canada

If this lake looks inviting to you, why not throw caution to the wind and dive in head first. The water is full of fish making it a popular spot for keen fishermen and women. Visitors travel from far and wide to snorkel, kayak and swim in the pristine waters at this Canadian Lake.

picture of Crotch Lake
Image © haRee

Fucking, Austria

It might be hard to believe that a tiny Austrian village could provide such excitement, but the village of Fucking has caused quite the stir in the last few years as it’s outrageous name has grabbed British headlines. The hamlet itself is sleepy but people are left craving more after visiting for a snap beside the famous road signs.

picture of Fucking in Austria

Arsoli, Italy

Everyone has a friend who’s a little more difficult than all the rest. A trip away to this Italian town might just hammer that point home. The town itself is picturesque with a medieval city centre and an imposing castle with gorgeous views. You’d be happy to spend an afternoon or two getting lost here.

picture of Arsoli

Brown Willy, United Kingdom

You’d think that with English being our native tongue, we’d be able to escape scot-free on a list of destinations with the rudest names. And yet, here in the UK resides the Brown Willy hill. The hill itself is Cornwall‘s tallest and stands erect upon the Bodmin Moor, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.

picture of brown willy in Cornwall