Happy Hump Day News: Great Feats and Big Eats

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This week we bring you the next chapter of some of last week’s stories, as well as more animal antics and a surprising new piece of research.

Dig Deep


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You may recall the time that a man ran the London Marathon in a diving suit. Astonishingly, that was all the way back in 2002, and it was Lloyd Scott who completed the feat. He’s now embarked on another bonkers challenge featuring the same 130-pound deep sea suit. Scott completed the Three Peaks Challenge, which he says will be his final adventure, in aid of Lord Taverner’s – a cause that helps disabled and disadvantaged young people through isolation.

Many Happy Returns


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A giant tortoise called Jonathan that is thought to be the world’s oldest living terrestrial turned 188 on the 9th October. Jonathan lives on the remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic – perhaps island living is the secret to a long life!

Private View


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A Japanese tourist stranded in Peru was allowed to visit the site on his own before he made his way home. Jesse Katayama had been stranded in a nearby town since March when lockdown rules were implemented.

Big Journey Home


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An 11-year-old walked all the way from Sicily to London with his Dad, so that he could visit his grandmother when travel was restricted. The feat took three months and a staggering 1700 miles! The pair have also raised £17,000 so far for the charity Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust.

More Mac

@420doggface208Thanks for the new wheels ocean spray! ?. @tomhayes603 ##oceanspray♬ original sound – doggface208

Another week brings another chapter of the Fleetwood Mac TikTok story, which we covered in last week’s hump day news. The CEO of Ocean Spray, the brand of juice that doggface208 is drinking in the strangely heartwarming video, has gifted him a truck – plus loads of Ocean Spray products. He celebrated in the only way he could…

Tasmanian Devils


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Tasmanian devils are being reintroduced into Australia’s mainland after 3000 years! The marsupials are still very much thriving on the island of Tasmania, however it’s thought that they were driven off the mainland by dingoes, humans and changes in the climate. Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth actually helped the charity, Aussie Ark, to release 26 of the animals into a national park in New South Wales.

Earthshot Prize


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Prince William and Sir David Attenborough have teamed up to launch the biggest ever sustainability prize. They’re looking for 50 innovative solutions to the world’s environmental problems, and there is £1 million in it for every idea that is taken forward. Time to get your thinking caps on!

Surprising Cities


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The big smoke might not be as cruel as it’s made out to be, a new study by University College London suggests. The research entailed dropping stamped addressed envelopes to see if people posted them, and dropping cards on the pavement to see if people helped to pick them up. There was no evidence to show that people in more urbanised areas were less helpful! It might be time to stop giving big cities bad reps!

And finally…

Our new favourite Twitter account this week is that of an elderly British man who updates the Twittersphere on his gardening pursuits, and particularly his large homegrown vegetables. It’s the wholesome account we didn’t know we needed.