Hot Child In The City

…To quote an epic 70’s classic! Sometimes cities in the summer are just too much. Hot, sticky, busy, messy; the urban vacation is a veritable minefield of sweat, violent air-con and furious tourists, but apparently we’re gluttons for punishment because we just keep on trudging back into the concrete wilderness. Dealchecker know you’re not going to change – and neither will we – so with this in mind, we’ve had a good think about those areas near to your favourite cities that might provide some respite when you’re about to blow your top – or blow up!

You’re visiting….Barcelona

Image by Jsome1

Cosmopolitan, passionate and a regular feature on many ‘One Day I’d Like To Live In…’ lists, we’ll never stop visiting Barcelona; it singlehandedly marries exotic Spanish vigour with unparalled history and culture. But when the crowds on La Ramblas get too much…

Head for Sitges! With a relaxed vibe, seventeen beaches and a considerably smaller population than Barcelona, it’s sort of like heading to Brighton for an afternoon when you live in London. Like Brighton, it’s arty, laid-back, and combines fun nightlife with lazy beach culture.

Image by joyrdiarmengol

You’re visiting…Rio De Janiero

Image by Goynang

Chances are that if you’re Rio, you’re probably not trying to find ways to get out of it; exciting, exotic and fascinating, this city will draw you in and won’t let you leave until you’ve partied with it ’till dawn. But just in case you do need a bit of respite…

Unwind on Ilha Grande! This beautiful island is located just off the coast of Rio and remains largely undeveloped. It contains the remnants of the Atlantis Rainforest and its largest village contains only, 1900 inhabitants. Perfect for a chilled out escape from the madness of the big bad city.

Image by vc.angra

You’re visiting…Milan

Image by lemuelinchrist

One of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is understandably a desirable destinations; if you like glam Italians, designer labels and a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, you’ll love Milan. But even the most dedicated of fashionistas need a break sometimes…

And if that’s you, head to Lake Como! A pleasant hours drive from Milan, Lake Como possesses all the qualities of a truly relaxing holiday destination. Beautiful towns are dotted all around its waters and whether you fancy taking a boat out, eating delicious food or just driving round its endless sunshine-lit roads, you’ll find tranquility on its every corner.

Image by ezioman

You’re visiting…San Francisco

Image by Benjamin Rossen

San Fransisco is pretty relaxed as big cities go; yes, so it might get hot, but with a coastal location, spread out geography and laid-back atmosphere, you’ll hardly feel like you’re in a city at all. That said, you might fancy getting right out into the wilderness, and if that’s the case…

Head to the winelands of Napa Valley, where you’ll be presented with as much wine as you can drink, stunning natural scenery and small, quaint towns. The undulating hills of the valley and charmingly unpretentious villages will make a pleasant contrast to the arty fabulousness of San Fran.

Image by seligmanwaite

You’re visiting…Lisbon

Image by Bert Kaufman
With its mix of cultural hot spots, beautiful weather and eclectic mix of neighbourhoods, it’s easy to see why Lisbon is a popular choice. But if you’re finding all that sunshine just a little too much to bear under the shadow of those looming churches, why don’t you get away to…

Sintra! With its collection of fantastic 19th century architecture, Sintra has proved popular with Lisbon daytrippers as of late. It manages to retain the culture and majestic feel of Lisbon, but without the crowds.

Image by pedrosimoes7