Koala-ty Foods To Try Down Under

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We love our food here at dealchecker, and with all the buzz of Australia Day it’s really got us craving some proper Aussie food! After much discussion (and dreaming) of Tim Tams dipped in tea and Vegemite on toast, we decided that we should probably make a list of things to try when visiting this fantastic country. So here it is, giving you even more reason to jump on that plane!

Tim Tams

photo of tim tams
Image © jencu

A light chocolate cream filling sandwiched between two malted chocolate biscuits, and coated with, yep you guessed it, even more chocolate. Tim Tams are definitely some of the best treats Australia has to offer. Created by a guy named Ian Norris who decided whilst travelling around Britain that our Penguin bars just weren’t good enough for him, or for the rest of the world. And if we’re honest, we think he may of been correct… You just can’t beat a Tim Tam!

Meat pie

photo of australian meat pie

Similar in taste to a good ole British steak pie, the Australian (and New Zealand) meat pie is filled to the brim with minced meat and gravy. Sometimes additions of mushrooms, onions or cheese occur too, but whatever your choice of pie, one things for certain. You need a nice dollop of chilled tomato ketchup on top! Eaten most commonly as a takeaway choice or at a rugby match, we’re keen to try this Australian favourite.

Fairy Bread

fairy bread
Image © Mary and Andrew

Yes, we thought this one was a joke too, but apparently the people of Australia really do eat this odd concoction. Dating back to the 1920s, fairy bread is quite simply a slice of soft white bread, spread with butter or margarine and then topped with sprinkles, or hundreds and thousands as the Aussie’s call them. Okay so it’s a bit strange, but you have to admit, it does look strangely appealing.

Witchetty Grubs

photo of witchetty grubs
Image © Darren Pearce

You may have thought that eating witchetty grubs was just a form of torture for celebrities on our television screens, but you were very wrong. Found in the deserts of Outback Australia, the witchetty grub is best straight off the barbie and is said to taste a bit like chicken (well doesn’t everything). It can however also be eaten raw and alive which has been said to taste like almonds. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, but definitely one to tick off the foodie bucket list.


photo of fried barramundi and chips
Image © Alpha

Sustainable, high in omega 3, low in calories and packed with protein, barramundi is the fish of choice in Australia and we can see why! Oh, and did we mention just how tasty it is? Most similar to sea bass in taste, barramundi is hugely versatile and can be found on most restaurant menus all over Oz. Our favourite way to enjoy it is battered and deep fried with a portion of chips.


strawberry pavlova

There’s a lot of dispute over who actually invented the pavlova. Was it the Aussies? The Kiwis? Or maybe it was us? If we’re totally honest we don’t care, we’re just glad it exists. One thing’s for sure though, Australia loves a pavlova. Eaten all year round, but traditionally a summer dessert, most enjoy this crunchy meringue treat over the festive season. Give us a pavlova over a Christmas pudding any day!


photo of australian lamington cakes

A moist sponge cake cut into squares and dipped in a layer of chocolate (or sometimes raspberry sauce), and then rolled in desiccated coconut sounds like our idea of heaven. Belonging to Australia, this sweet treat can be found in many places. Birthday parties, morning and afternoon teas, and community and charity fundraising events. They’re also a popular choice for Australia Day celebrations. Get us over there now!


kangaroo steak dinner

Some would see this as a controversial meal choice, and not as many Australians eat kangaroo as you may think. However, for many visiting Oz from overseas, trying a kangaroo steak is an absolute must, and is therefore on many menus in popular tourist areas. Super tasty and cooked similarly to beef, this meat is a lot better for the environment than some of the more popular meats. Put Skippy out of your mind and tuck into a steak – you won’t be disappointed.


vegemite on toast
Image © Janeen

Australia’s answer to Marmite, Vegemite is a dark brown yeast extract with several vegetables and spices blending into the mix. As protective as we all in the UK over our famous spread, we do have to admit that Vegemite is pretty good and definitely worth a taste when in the land of Oz. Salty, bitter, slightly malty and found in any supermarket in Australia, so really there’s no excuse not to try it is there?

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