Nairobi – Five Big Safaris for the Big Five

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Driven by a sense of adventure and the desire to discover new things? What better way to feed your inner explorer than by visiting sanctuaries and reserves in a quest to observe the Big Five? Five different parks, five different tours, five of the biggest and the best. From Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi, set forth and appreciate the gang: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Here are our top five recommendations!

Amboseli National Park


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Flanked by the snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro,  Amboseli National Park is a much-loved Kenyan treasure. From vast wetlands to endless savannah, its diverse environment encourages an incredible array of African fauna. Fancy a short but sweet tour of this magnificent land? Over the course of three days let Bencia Africa Adventure ferry you from Nairobi and back. Share your campsite with the biggest of the five – the African Elephant. This glorious place is home to humongous herds of these surprisingly inconspicuous herbivores.

Lake Nakuru National Park


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Lying between the acacia forests and bushy grasslands of the Great Rift Valley you will find the Lake Nakuru National Park. This vibrant setting is the feeding ground for thousands of flamingos. Juxtaposing the colours of this primary canvas are the dusky hues of the rare white and black rhinos – both of which call this setting their home. Starting in Nairobi, leap-frog across Kenya with safari provider, Spirit of Kenya. Having borne witness to another of the Big Five, delight in the Rothschild giraffe as well as many more of Africa’s creatures.#

Masai Mara


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Overseen by a mighty escarpment the Masai Mara National Reserve is of exceptional beauty. Bordered by multiple conservancies, vehicles are vastly restricted in this reserve which allows for uninterrupted viewing. To witness an unbelievable wildebeest migration head here in between July and October – it’s truly unbeatable. For a luxurious passage through these grandiose plains book a tour with Kenya Safari Holidays – think three-course bush lunches, sunset swims and starlit bonfires. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of the most elusive of the Big Five; leopards are notoriously fast so keep your eyes peeled!

Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary


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Mount Kenya frames the privately owned Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary. This glorious setting boasts tropical vegetation as well as an entire sanctuary of chimpanzees. Not only this, due to its private status you can easily partake in exclusive activities, from night-time safaris to horseback treks – it’s all possible. Travel with Tazama Africa Holidays to Sweetwaters – the closest reserve from Nairobi! Over five days partake in bush lunches, camel riding, and of course, safaris. All of the Big Five call this place home but be sure to keep a special eye out for the bulky and rather brilliant, buffalo.

Samburu National Reserve



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Meandering through the Samburu National Reserve the Ewaso Ng’iro river gives life to both flora and fauna; from acacia to doum palm, the vegetation thrives on this one reliable water source. The reserve’s claim to fame would undoubtedly be the hospitable lioness, Kamunyak, who famously adopted six oryx calves in an incredible feat of nature. With Kenya Incentive Tours & Safaris you can spend three days exploring these notable grasslands; although one of the more economical tours, expect nothing less than tasteful lodges and starlit bush dinners. Perhaps you will happen across Kamunyak! Certainly keep your eyes peeled for the king of the big cats, the prideful lions.