Naples: The Perfect Pizza

Three things are likely to happen to you in Naples. 1.) You’ll worry endlessly about the Scippatori, before realising that you’re probably not about to be mugged – by scooter – on every street corner. 2.)You will almost certainly get shouted at by a Neapolitan for being too slow – you probably were, so don’t argue. 3.) You will eat pizza. Lots of it. If you know what’s good for you.

For Napoli is the undisputed  home of pizza. In Naples, you’re never far from a hot, frantic restaurant pumping out mind-melting heat from a huge wood- burning, full-to-bursting oven. It’s the Italian equivalent of Starbucks in New York – and the result is far more mouth-watering that your average Venti Mocha Latte. Napolitans take their pizza so seriously that in 2004, the ministry for agriculture issued regulations outlining how a real Neapolitan pizza, pizza verace napoletana, should be made.

Image by Pink Sherbert Photography

The three authentic types of Neapolitan pizza are: pizza napoletana marinara (San Marzano tomatoes from Vesuvius’ slopes, garlic, oregano and olive oil), pizza napoletana margherita and pizza napoletana margherita DOC (with buffalo mozzarella). Here are three of our favourite places to enjoy a little slice of Italian heaven.

1. Da Michele

Via Sersale, 13 – Tel +390815539204. Website here.

If you’re a fan of saccharine Julia Roberts movies then you may have heard of the film Eat Pray Love, which is partly responsible for the increased fame that this particular pizza joint has enjoyed in the past year. The pizzas here are utterly delicious; generous slabs of perfectly cooked dough decorated with the sweetest  Marzano tomatoes and the creamiest cheese made from fiordilatte cow’s milk. Don’t expect frills; the restaurant adheres to rather rustic sensibilities and as a result, you can’t book, you’ll have to queue, you’ll be treated to pretty basic table arrangements and there’s only two types of pizza to choose from. You won’t care though; it really is as good as people say. The famous football player Maradona even loves it here – say no more!

Image by Leandro’s World Tour


Salita S.Anna di Palazzo, 1- 2 (angolo via Chiaia)Tel +39081416928, website here.

Close to the refined Chiaia neighbourhood and to Piazza Plebiscito, this is where the  Margharita pizza was invented! Although pizzas have apparently been around in one form or another since ancient Roman times, Raffaele Esposito is credited with creating the Margherita here – and certainly continues to do it justice to this day! Brandi has a slightly more upmarket feel than Da Michele, although the pizzas are of similar quality. In truth, I prefer the fare at Da Michele – but make up your own mind!

Image by Miss Meng

10. La Notizia

Via Caravaggio, 53-55 – tel +390817142155

Named after the film – the owner loves ‘Citizen Kane – this pizzeria opens for evening meals only, giving time for the yeast to create the perfect dough. Visiting this restaurant really feels like you’re getting a taste of authentic Naples as it’s not really in a touristy neighbourhood. The pizza bianca is a real treat; with crisp, fresh scarola salad, smokey aubergine and straight-from-the-cow provola cheese, its unusual and very tasty!

That’s all for now, but if you fancy tasting a little slice of Naples heaven yourself, why not check out cheap flights to Naples using our search tool!

Ciao, bella!

Top Image by keepwaddling