New Year, New Destinations: Space to Breathe in 2021

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All that anyone can think about right now is getting away from it all. Believe us, we know. Luckily a fresh year brings with it a fresh start and certainly some hope for the future! So instead of heading back to the same old same old, we want to switch things up a bit and visit somewhere new. We realised that there is so much more of the world yet to discover and there’s no time like 2021 to do so. And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there’s nowhere like the great outdoors, so each of these places offer space to breathe and take it all in…

Summer Extravaganza – Milos

Seen Santorini? Made it in Mykonos? It’s time to broaden your horizons. Milos has all the natural beauty of Santorini and then some, with its moon-like coastline and candy floss sunsets, while offering the traditional character and white-washed houses of Mykonos. You’re not going to find sundowner parties and clubs on the beach here, but you’ll find a different kind of cool: the laid back, sophisticated, I don’t give a damn-kind. But after 2020 we think that’s just what we all need. Explore the lunar-like coastline, before chilling out with your latest read and a good drink. If that doesn’t sound like a great holiday we don’t know what will.


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Winter Sun – Abu Dhabi

If you just can’t hold on until summer, it might be time to head to the Middle East for your fix of vitamin D. We’re sure the UAE has been on your radar for some years now but you’ve most likely opted for Dubai if you’ve visited at all. While Dubai sure is glitzy, we’re unsure why Abu Dhabi hasn’t taken the spotlight. Offering all the beaches, high rise buildings and sunshine that attracts visitors to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also home to plenty of culture. There’s the second Louvre museum in the world, which opened in 2017, and then you’ve got the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an absolute must visit for cultural enrichment.

City Break – Helsinki

When it comes to city breaks we’re all searching for beautiful views, stuff to do, and always, most importantly, food. One capital that often goes under the radar for potential city break enthusiasts is Helsinki, and we’re beginning to wonder why. Finland has been voted the world’s happiest country three years running, so we’re sure that the capital of such a country is going to make for one of the world’s most joyous city breaks. It may be cold up there but the Fins are big on the great outdoors, so there are plenty of outdoor vistas, walks and activities to enjoy. Wild swimming, excursions to Suomenlinna – the offshore fortress, and a visit to Temppeliaukio Church should all be on your radar. Make sure to try the local cuisine too!


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Long Haul – Noosa, Australia

Thinking of planning a break a little further afield in 2021? We’ve found the answer. We know, we know, you’ve wanted to go to Australia for years, but have you ever heard of Noosa? Australia’s answer to The Hamptons, Noosa is situated just up the coast from Brisbane. With cerulean shores and a sub-tropical climate this destination is a surfers paradise. You’ll find beautiful boutiques and magnificent eateries, but if all you are interested in is relaxation there’s plenty of that to do too. Just gaze out into the abyss and you’ll feel instantly at peace.


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Staycation – York

We know that York is already on your radar, but we think it needs to be up there with the key players – think London, Cornwall, Bath, Brighton. York is one of England’s oldest cities, founded by the Ancient Romans, the walled city is home to Medieval architecture and plenty of history, hence making it a great place for a romantic city escape. Amble along The Shambles, a beautifully preserved 14th century street where you will still see original butchers hooks outside shop fronts. Be sure to walk the walls too, the walls of the city that is, it’ll take you a few hours if you walk the whole length, but you will get to see the city from a great angle and learn a little too if you stop to read the plaques. Just book yourself a quaint little hotel room, and you’re set up for the weekend.


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Adventure – The Ozarks

We bet you’ve always dreamed of visiting New York and LA, maybe even Miami and San Francisco. But until recently one destination that hasn’t even popped up on our radar are the Ozarks, of course the Netflix hit series has had something to do with it, but we’re wondering how our friends across the pond have managed to keep this beautiful part of the world a secret for such a long time. If you are looking for adventure, this is the place to come – boating, fishing, climbing and walking are all in abundance here, as is the fabulous Southern food that America is famous for, you are in Missouri after all.


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Weekend Away – Juist, North Sea, Germany

What do you think of when we mention Germany? Electric cities? Rolling green countryside? Ski escapes? You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not the beach! Well after reading this it might be. Germany is actually home to a beautiful coastline on the North Sea, it may be a little chilly for a dip, but with stunning rolling sand dunes, quaint cafes and wide open spaces we can forgive the temperature of the sea. We recommend heading to Juist, one of the East Frisian Islands. At just 500 metres wide and 17km long, a lot of character is squeezed into a small space. No cars are allowed on the island, so bikes and horse and cart are used to transport you from A to B. You can stay on the island, to sample the tea rooms and enjoy long walks on the beach, just don’t expect much more than that.


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