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Ahhh, marriage proposals. Whether the thought makes you want to dive under the nearest table or swoon wistfully into a chair, we’ve tracked down some of the best spots to utter those famous words.

Check out an array of locations and ideas for both the traditionalists amongst you, and those of you who like to think of yourself as mavericks in the romance department. So, when it comes to the big proposal day (whether that’s next week or next century) you’ll be brimming with ideas. ‘Marry me’ in spaghetti hoops anyone?

New York, USA

Traditional: Empire State Building Original: Little Red Lighthouse


Traditional Way From the nail-biting Valentine Day rendezvous between Sam and Annie in Sleepless in Seattle to a planned date in An Affair to Remember, the Empire State Building has long been a symbol of romance in popular culture. Head up in the lift about half an hour before sunset, get down on one knee and enjoy panoramic views 1,472 feet off the ground.

Original Way: Avoid the crowds at the Little Red Lighthouse located in in Fort Washington Park on the Hudson River, under the George Washington Bridge. Pack a picnic, enjoy river views and hide a marriage proposal in a bottle for your beau.


Traditional: Eiffel Tower, Paris Original: Hot Air Ballooning, Alps


Traditional Way Synonymous with romance, the Eiffel Tower in Paris makes a fitting setting for traditionalists looking to sweep their partner off their feet. Head to the top for the classic scenario or avoid the hustle and bustle in the gardens below.

Original Way: Arrange a hot air balloon ride for just the two of you (plus driver) and get down on one knee while enjoying incredible views of the rugged Alps. Or if you want to really surprise – arrange another balloon to fly beside you and unveil a message to your unsuspecting passenger.

Venice, Italy

Traditional: Gondola Ride in Venice Original: Castle in San Marino


Traditional Way Ahh Venice, could you get more romantic? Arrange a private gondola ride, bring a bottle of Italian red wine, and ask your gondola driver to sing the sweet sounding ‘That’s Amore’ (check he’s not tone deaf first). By the time you get down on one knee you’re onto a winner!

Original Way: Enclosed within Italy is one of the smallest countries in the world; San Marino. The lush and peaceful terrain here makes for a dreamy wedding proposal. Surprise your loved one with a map and hide a book documenting your times together beside one of the quiet castles – then pop the question in style!

London, United Kingdom

Traditional: St Pauls Cathedral Original: Eel Pie Island



Traditional Way: The beautiful Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral makes an idyllic setting for a London proposal. Thanks to a quirk in the building’s structure, a whisper can travel around the wall – making for an ultra-romantic gesture accompanied by soft acoustic sounds.

Original Way: The little-known island of Eel Pie on the River Thames at Twickenham and can be reached by footbridge or boat. Lush and serene, it’s home to just 50 houses and only partly accessible to the public. Enjoy a boat ride and pre-arrange a candle-lit grassy patch to pop the all-important question.

South Africa

Traditional: Table Mountain, Cape Town Original: Blow Hole, Port St Johns


Traditional Way: With drop-dead gorgeous views across Cape Town and the surrounded coastline, the mesmerising Table Mountain makes a dream setting for a proposal. Hop on the cableway for impressive views, and find a quiet spot at top to get down on one knee. Keep an eye out for the amazingly cute dassies that scurry across the mountaintop.

Original Way: With a dramatic location of deserted beaches, towering cliff tops and wild cows, the friendly-town of Port St Johns feels somehow separate from South Africa‘s popular Garden Route. Head to the tourist-free blow hole that can only be accessed via a narrow rocky pathway and steep wooden ladder. Your effort will be rewarded with incredible ocean views and rocky terrain that regularly spurts a fountain of water into the air – ideal for a surprise proposal!

Prague, Czech Republic

Traditional: Prague Castle Original: Koneprusy Caves


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Traditional Way: Often dubbed the ‘Paris of the East’ the fairy tale city of Prague with its grand architecture, river views and unpretentious atmosphere makes a great location for all things romantic. Enjoy a grand tour of the hilltop castle, before finding a quiet spot in the manicured Royal Garden to reveal that dazzling engagement ring.

Original Way: Journey out of the centre of Prague to Koneprusy Caves (open April to November), home to a peaceful location in the nature reserve of Czech Karst, not far from the castles of Krivoklat and Karlstejn. Embark on a tour of these otherworldly underground systems before surprising your beau with a pre-arranged picnic and proposal in the heart of Central Bohemia.

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