‘Perthection’: Ticking Three Australian Allures Off the Bucket List

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One of Australia’s biggest draws has always been its laid-back way of life. But with so many destinations to choose from, where can you strike that magical balance between being at the centre of all the action, while being at one with nature? We think that one coastal city offers the Perth-ect combination…

Perth is renowned for being one of Australia’s coolest cities – why? Because it doesn’t even have to try. And there’s nothing cool people love more than effortless style. Without even creating attractions for tourists or positioning itself as one of the Land Down Under’s premier destinations, Perth has a natural ability to attract guests from around the world. With its wild beginnings and city-slicker attitude, it has formulated a winning combination.


While you may not head to Perth specifically for a look at the wildlife, there is plenty to be found! Just off the coast of the city, there are two islands bursting with life that offer the chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife. Head to Rottnest Island to meet these furry little critters known as quokkas. You’ll be hard pressed to find them anywhere else in the world, as they are endemic to this part of the world and can thrive here without a threat due to having no predators on the island. This consequently means that they are fearless, and some might even smile for a picture or two.


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The second island is much smaller and surrounded by turquoise water, ‘perthect’ conditions for… penguins?! That’s right – on Penguin Island you’ll find the world’s smallest breed of penguin, sea lions, pelicans and even dolphins, who love to frolic in the shallows. The island is just a short five-minute ferry ride from the mainland and believe us – this flourishing eco-system teeming with wildlife is worth the visit.

However, if you don’t fancy venturing outside of the city, you don’t have to! To switch off and tune into nature just head down to Kings Park and Botanic Garden, a stunning green area where you can enjoy views of the city and the water! King’s Park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks, and has cultural ties with aboriginal history. One of its defining features is its beautiful glass walkway which winds through the treetops, truly elevating your experience of the stunning views to the next level.


Then there’s the city life. Did you even go to Australia if you didn’t eat all the foodie goodness? We think not. Perth is a haven for food-lovers, possessing more restaurants per capita than any other regional capital in Australia, it is the place to come if you want to eat! Perth enjoys a sunny location, is on the doorstep of an ocean bursting with seafood and is hugged by some of the nation’s oldest vineyards – it is no surprise that the city has some impressive eateries. Discover new cocktails and quirky eats in rooftop bars, or brunch to your heart’s content on the city’s beaches, where you can dig into a plate like the one below – available at Bib & Tucker on Leighton Beach!

Alternatively, wait until night falls and head to the hawkers night markets. Hawkers markets are open-air cooked food centres, where an array of street food stalls cook delicious dishes in front of your eyes. The trend began in Asia and has crossed the ocean to grow in Perth. Obviously, only the cream of the crop is making it in Perth’s competitive foodie scene, so now is a great time to sample the experience for yourself! We recommend heading to Perth Makers Market – Twilight at Yagan Square, in the centre of the city. Here, every single one of your senses will be treated!


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Not only is the food delicious and wildlife thriving, but the beaches of Perth are bountiful too! Golden sands are undoubtedly one of Australia’s biggest draw, and in Perth, they really are second to none! Not only do the beaches share the same turquoise water that laps onto the shores of Mauritius, but it is beautifully warm too. Perth is blessed with being bordered by the Indian Ocean meaning you can spend a day in the city then head out to the beach to cool off. The city’s most famous beach is probably Cottesloe Beach, which is a must-see if you do take a trip to Perth. Other popular choices include Leighton Beach and City Beach – so there are plenty of places to show off your bathers!


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The city’s desirable location means that you can appreciate all of Australia’s most sought after experiences separately or all in one place, at the same time! The choice is yours…