Spring City Break Suggestions

Reports in the news this morning claim that the snow, ice and Baltic winds that we have experienced for what feels like forever… are over. Yes, the weatherman says it’s going to get warmer and as we have passed winter’s shortest day, which means that things are only going to get brighter.

However I’m not too sure I trust the weatherman, nor do I really want to hang around in the UK during January and February – they are without a doubt the two most miserable months of the year (sorry Capricorns and Aquarians!) Naturally here at dealchecker HQ we are forever talking about our next trip away and so I posed the question of ‘what would be your destinations of choice for a spring city break and why?’ and here’s what I found out:

Anna chose San Sebastian, a city in the Basque county of northern Spain.

Image by flavouz

To visit in spring would be out of season but this appeals as you would avoid the crowds and be able to pick from the variety of fantastic restaurants – an unusually high number of Michelin stars are owned in San Sebastian! There is the breathtaking, picturesque coastline for walks and Anna’s favourite bit, the old quarter, bursting with cafes, bars and restaurants serving the best of Spanish tapas.

Sam opted for Berlin – her choice because it has a rich history, culture and plenty of buildings to check out.

Image by wolfgangstaudt

Plus Sam mentioned the city’s walking tour where you can sit on Hitler’s grave (apparently just a bare bit of grass as they don’t want to commemorate his body). Berliners are renowned for their friendliness, the transport system is easy to navigate and the atmosphere is electric, not to mention the nightlife. Berlin has certainly got my vote

Mikey is keen for Krakow.

Image by Neil Boothman

The Polish city has become a popular choice over recent years due to cheap flight prices, a warmer climate and similar to Sam he is drawn in by the architecture, history, culture and enticing music and arts scene. The historic centre has been designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO so we think it must be worth a visit.

Eve is bursting to go to Budapest.

Image from red twolips

She has an urge to go after learning from a friend that Budapest has a younger vibe with more culture and excitement than first anticipated. There are green filled parks, charming buildings full of character, a bar and nightlife scene you would not imagine serving dangerously cheap drinks. With the Danube river running through the middle it is unsurprising that it is has recently been titled the ‘Little Paris of Central Europe’.

Top image – Wawel Hill in Krakow by bazylek100