A Summer of Sport

I’m sure there must be people out there who don’t know the Olympics are coming to London, but there can’t be that many. They must be without internet, TV and phone, and we should probably send them some sort of care package. The Olympics have taken over all discussions from sporting to financial and cultural, but I’m here to say that there are other sports deserving of our attention as well!

Royal Ascot: 19th – 23rd June


Combining the Jubilee, fashion and horses, Ascot is the stuff of little girls’ dreams. A particular day to watch out for is Ladies’ Day on 21st June, when hats larger than a small helicopter can be seen perched on fashionable heads. It’s not all about the clobber though, with over million pounds up for grabs across all the races. The Golden Jubilee Stakes and the Gold Cup are sure to be grabbing the headlines – especially if one of the Queen’s horses wins again!

Wimbledon: 25th June – 8th July

Roller Coaster Philosophy

The biggest prize in tennis is only fought for once each year – except for this year of course when many of the players will be coming back to do it all over again for their country! Still, this is the one they all want to win, taking the Silver Gilt Cup or the Venus Rosewater Dish for their very own. The Championship will probably bring back the rain, but with the new roof you can be assured at least one match will be on!

Test Match Cricket: May – August


With one win under their belts against the West Indies, England have two more matches to play in this test series. It’s really just an appetiser for the main event though, a three-test series against the tough competition of South Africa. There are also one day and Twenty20 matches against the West Indies, Australia and South Africa, but if you’re anything like me, if it doesn’t last five days, it’s not really cricket.

Euro 2012: 8th June – 1st July


Against the backdrop of a shock new manager in Roy Hodgson, and wondering whether Stewart Pearce will steal some of England’s most promising hopefuls for the Olympic team, it’s been refreshingly quiet on the England hype! Arguably in the toughest group for qualification, bosses everywhere must have heaved a sigh of relief at the kick-off times. Two of the three group matches kick off at 7.45, which should minimise people being ‘ill’ when England play. I can’t wait for it all to start – every time I say “this year I won’t believe”, but I secretly do. Do you?

So why not follow a different sporting extravaganza this summer? Whether you want to stay in the UK or grab a last minute deal to Poland or the Ukraine to support to England football team, we’ve got deals to suit you all!

If it’s all about the Olympics for you, why not check out our handy guide?