The Top Five Cities to See by Foot

You can keep your taxis and trains – these feet were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. Here at dealchecker, we believe that to see a new city by foot is to see its soul – or something profound to that effect. But what makes a foot-friendly city? We think it requires at least one of the following – a healthy splash of history, unparalleled people-watching opportunities, pedestrian-friendly walkways and that subtle touch of magic that you wouldn’t get to soak up from the seat of a car (hello, Venice). Here’s our top five. Grab your walking boots and hit the road, Jack…


A tapestry of garishly neon skyscrapers built upon the fruits of peerless technological ambition is always going to result in a skyline worth climbing stairs for – but that’s not the only reason we love walking in the brilliant and barmy Japanese capital. A city is the sum of its people, after all – and you won’t find people watching of a higher calibre anywhere else in the world!

Head to Harajuku and Omotesando to have a gander at the now-legendary Harajuku Girls and the kids who are always – inexplicably – dressed as manga characters. Get horribly lost, discover food that will make Yo Sushi and their ilk seem like an unforgivable ring of fraudsters and wander in and out of Louis Vuitton and Prada in super-mall Omotesando Hills like you count stacks for fun.


You could fit a bus through there, mate” is not something you’ll hear whilst snaking your way around Venice’s shadowy, labyrinthine passageways. Yes, so you’ll take the odd gondola here and there, but Venice is a place to grab with both hands – or feet, in this case – and you can’t do that while you’re wobbling around uselessly behind a bored man in a stripy shirt.

A stroll at dusk around Venice’s dusty, sultry streets is the stuff dreams are made of, so leave those stilettos at home (who are you kidding anyway, do you want to be laughed out of town by a pack of terrifyingly glamorous Italian women?) and head out in some blister-busting flats. You’ll thank us later. Wander along the Grand Canal and check out architectural gems like the 17th-century Palazzi Barbaro, a onetime haunt of Henry James and Claude Monet and Penny Guggenheim’s museum.

New York

A city of such magnitude that both Godzilla and King Kong thought it worthy of a crushing – now that’s a city worth putting foot to pavement for. The Big Apple has always been a city that’s worth a walk, but the addition of the High Line in 2009 paved the way for whole new experience for the humble NYC pedestrian.

Start at the West 30th Street entrance and make your way south, where you’ll stumble across a mini forest and landscaped gardens, and then descend for some prime people watching in the Meatpacking District, before stumbling across the West Village that boasts the iconic brownstones and leafy streets that usually comprise most people’s vision of classic New York.


If the value of a city was measured by its volume, Marrakesh would surely be capital of the world. From the shouting market stall holders to braying camels and enthusiastic merchants, a wander around the souks of this Moroccan city isn’t for those in search of peace and quiet. But if you are in search of a truly vibrant metropolis where even the smallest of moments hold a certain kind of mystic appeal, Marrakesh deserves your blisters.

Any wander should start in the famous square of Djema El Fna, with its gaggle of snake charmers, talented henna artists and storytellers. Descend into the souks that wind away from the square and finally head to Koutoubia Mosque with its sky-scratching minarets…


In our opinion, strolling around Dublin’s history-soaked avenues is the best way to discover its numerous charms. Under the looming shadows of high rises and cranes you’ll find a labyrinth of narrow lanes ripe with classic pubs, crumbling buildings, spirited locals and a party – always. Wander down party street Temple Bar for debauchery of the evening variety, stroll the streets aimlessly or make friends with the always-friendly locals – it’s a city that was made for walking – so that’s just what you should do.