Top 5 Most Expensive Desserts in the World

To make you feel better at the amount you’ve spent on egg-shaped chocolate this year – and to say Happy Easter, of course – we’ve compiled a list of the top five most expensive desserts IN THE WORLD! As we spend most of our time hunting down the cheapest version of everything (we are dealchecker, after all), we thought we’d change it up and explore the most expensive end of the spectrum – and trust us, these are the kind of creations that the phrase ‘more money than sense’ was made for…

Diamond Christmas Cake – £1.1 million

This cake was created by a Japanese pastry chef in Tokyo, and is comprised of six sides and took six monhts to create – oh, and it has 223 small diamonds encrusted on its outside. The baking process alone took a month. Yikes.

Strawberries Arnaud – £1 million

So it looks like a bowl of strawberries, right? Well, it sort of is, and it sort of isn’t. Created by Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans, it involved the strawberries being pre-soaked in wine and then finished off with a 4.71 carat purple pink diamond, 79 carats of white diamonds, and an 18 karat rose gold. For this price, we reckon we’d prefer our diamond ring in a velvet box, ta…not smothered in cream.

Golden Opulence – £650

To our mind, a sundae with five scoops of top-of-the-range Tahitian vanilla ice cream doesn’t really seem like it needs much else added to it. Serendipity 3 in New York disagree, so mixed Madagascar vanilla beans, Amedei Porceleana (the most expensive cocoa you can get), and rare Venezuelan Chuao chocolate together, with candied fruits from Paris and a spoon of caviar on the side. Plus a crystal goblet from Baccarat Harcourt, obviously.

Platinum Cake – £85,000

The Japanese like a swanky cake, it would appear. A Japanese pastry chef created a platinum cake in honour of actresses Rinko Ki Kuchi and Chei Kumazawa. The white cake was laced with necklaces, foils and pendants – all made of platinum. It was apparently supposed to represent the actresses ‘simple beauty’, whilst promoting the purchase of platinum. Which, I think you’ll agree, is one of the great issues of our time.

Cannoli – £18,000

This creation by Carey Lennaccaro of Sprinkled with Sugar in Kansas has all sorts of Yumz hidden within…dark chocolate, whipped ricotta cheese, candied lemon, chocolate and lemon peel. Sounds pretty normal so far – apart from the fact that the original one featured an expensive Italian diamond necklace. A McFlurry it ain’t.