The Top 5 Holidays For Lovers

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Ah, romance. Whether the word makes you want to curl up into a ball and roll off the nearest cliff or buy that special someone some form of praline-filled treat, you can’t deny, it’s out there, and it’s not going away. With this in mind, we thought we’d present to you, our faithful dealcheckers, our top 5 romantic holiday destinations!

Paris, France

OK, so it’s a cliché, but what is an exploration of romantic holiday destinations without the illustrious City of Light making an appearance? From its winding cobbles and dappled street lights to its beautiful inhabitants and stunning architecture, Paris positively urges couples to stroll hand-in-hand through its streets. The river Seine is a focal point for romantics; whether you ride a a bateau-mouche around the Île de la Cité, stroll round the bouquinistes, or cross the Pont Neuf, you’ll find plenty on the rivers banks to amuse you and your beloved.

For those who like a little of the dark side with their swooning, the tomb of Abelard and Héloïse at Père Lachaise Cemetery will allow you to get close to the ultimate star crossed lovers – well, apart from a certain couple of unlucky teens from Verona, of course.

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Venice, Italy

From locking lips on bridges to strolling round dark, winding streets or sailing around on a gondola – there’s no shortage of ways for love-struck couples to celebrate their undying passions in Venice. Sculptures of the Roman era adorn its streets, making the very fabric of the city itself appear immersed in history and romance. Stroll around Piazza San Marco, one of the grandest squares in Europe, or head to both the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, where you can sigh at each other longingly. Or something. Whilst it’s not the cheapest of holiday destinations, you can get cheap flights to Venice pretty easily – saving you money for that one last essential gondola ride/ice cream/water taxi.

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Tahiti, French Polynesia

Regularly topping lists as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, Tahiti seems almost as though it was created solely for the loved-up. With its deep valleys, trickling streams and high waterfalls, its beauty alone is enough to make it perfect for ahem, ‘alone time’. You’ll find tiny, intimate resorts here, alongside tranquil villages, and miles of stunning, fine sand beach. It doesn’t all have to be long, hand-holding walks together, as there’s a multitude of water sports and cruises available if you want to weave a little action in your laid-back lovers’ retreat.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Famous for its beautiful castles, delicious food and moody, winding streets, Prague is a city designed for romance. With its magical scenic views, sense of history, cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and old-fashioned street lamps, it feels like a real blast from the past and is perfect for transporting your loved one to a bygone era. BUT, for the more hedonistic couples among us, Prague also has pretty happening night life – so if you’re the kind of couple who like dancing ’til dawn together, let’s just say Prague won’t disappoint! The city gets pretty hectic in the summer seasons of July and August; spring is an ideal time to visit. To get really cheap flights to Prague, we’d suggest visiting in the winter months – the city is still beautiful then and, well, you’ve got your lover to keep you warm, no?!

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Bali, Indonesia

Without doubt, one of the most romantic destinations in the east has to be gorgeous Bali. Known for its unspoiled rainforest and nightlife, it caters to the tourist industry whilst still retaining a sense of wildness and natural beauty. Around every corner you’ll find wide spread rice fields, volcanoes, and lush forests, and there’s plenty to do; Bali offers stunning beaches, scenery to die for and some seriously luxurious accommodation, if you’re looking to spoil your beloved. We love the  beaches on the Bukit peninsula  – they’re perfect for a spot of sunset smooching!

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