Top Five Selfie Spots Around the Globe

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In the past we had to make do with grainy holiday snaps which always seemed to be marred by someone’s thumb, on disposable cameras where 30 photos were the maximum you would allocate to your week in the sunshine. Nowadays, our options are rather more infinite and our social media feeds are brimming with luminescent blue pools, and intricate cultural sights. Here we’ve rounded up the locations around the world which will make your selfies the envy of all of your friends.

The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Just outside of Reykjavik, on the way to the airport lies the expansive Blue Lagoon with its warm volcanic waters. The pool is set amidst craggy surroundings making for a great photo opportunity all year round. However, winter is when this spot really comes into its own as snow envelops the surrounding countryside and the icy cold air meets the warm waters, creating huge billowing clouds that you could almost get lost in. To get the best photo head as far out into the pool as you can to avoid the crowds, and ensure that you have waterproof protection for your phone or camera for one atmospheric selfie.

blue lagoon

The Grand Canal – Venice

Venice is bedecked in beautiful sights, as a Christmas tree is with baubles, so it’s tricky to narrow down its most selfie-worthy sights. However, this spot beside the Grand Canal is not only beautiful but offers up a great cheap travel tip too! The traghettos (the gondola-esque boats) which frame this spot so well are an infinitely cheaper way of getting out on to the water than a gondola ride, with trips from one side of the canal to the other costing only €2. You can find this picturesque location just beyond the San Marco Piazza and the Doge’s Palace.

the grand canal in Venice

The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living coral reef and can be seen from as far away as space. Visitors to this amazing underwater natural phenomenon are rewarded with multi-coloured coral that seems to almost glow in parts, reef sharks which dart through the water, playful dolphins and innumerable multi-coloured fish. All of this makes for a colourful backdrop for an underwater selfie. Most tour providers out of Cairns and the Whitsundays will offer waterproof phone cases for those looking to get snappy.

picture of the Great Barrier Reef

Taj Mahal – India

The Taj Mahal is arguably India‘s most famous sight and in a country that is inundated with colours and intricate temples, that’s really saying something. Each year thousands flock to the Agra in India’s Uttar Pradesh region to see this vast white marble mausoleum and invariably, to take a selfie before it. The white dome is often set against clear blue skies, and the green lawns and pool that run up to it only act to draw the eye to the Koranic verses which are set in onyx on the structure’s walls. This fantastic building was built in memory of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal and so in some ways, is an ode to love.

picture of the Taj Mahal

Times Square – New York

New York is known as a the city that never sleeps, and nowhere is this more true than in Times Square where huge billboards and signs for theatres light up, vying for the attention of those who pound the streets here around the clock. The square is lined with theatres showing famous musicals and is home to a whole host of hotels making it hard to miss on a trip to New York. Every New Year’s Eve, Times Square becomes the city’s focal point as crowds of around one million gather to watch the infamous ball drop as the clock strikes twelve. We recommend visiting on a quieter day for a selfie without quite such huge crowds.

picture of times square

Happy holiday hunting from the dealchecker team!