Top Things to do in Bavaro

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Palm trees. White-sand beaches. Blue skies. Enough rum to knock Jack Sparrow to his knees. Sometimes clichés prove to be very true, and so it is in the Caribbean. With so many different destinations to choose from (the Beach Boys name seven in just one song – Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Martinique, Montserrat and Port au Prince), it can be tough to pick just one.

One area you may not have considered is Bavaro, a little parcel of land in the Dominican Republic. Part of the sprawling resort of Punta Cana, it’s got the palm trees, the white sand, the blue skies and, importantly, the rum. Here’s our guide to a few of the things you should check out in and around Bavaro while you’re there.

Hit the Beach

bavaro beach

If you’re anything like us here at dealchecker, you can’t see the point in being within a 10-mile radius of the coastline without heading to a beach. Pull up a sunlounger (or just a slice of sand beneath a palm tree) and settle in for the long haul on Bavaro Beach, with requisite breaks for a dip in the shimmering ocean. There are also plenty of bars nearby if you want to whet your whistle with something a tad stronger than seawater. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Aromas Museum


Like much of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic’s history wouldn’t have been quite the same without its main crops: tobacco, coffee and cocoa, as well as rum. Bavaro’s Aromas Museum is devoted to exploring the influence of these popular vices on the Dominican Republic’s development, from pre-Spanish times until the present day. Visitors can touch, smell and taste some the products to experience first hand why they have been such a boon for the island.

Isla Saona


An easy ferry ride away is Isla Saona, a government-protected (and therefore relatively untouched) island delivering the Caribbean clichés we spoke of earlier in spades. You may recognise it from the Bounty chocolate bar advert, but if not, we’re sure you’ll still relish its uncrowded beaches! Just off the beach you’ll find multitudes of starfish, and the island’s only real town, Mano Juan, has loads of pretty pastel buildings that will liven up your Instagram account.



The waters around Bavaro are alive with all kinds of marine life, from brightly coloured trumpet and parrot fish to neon corals. And it’s all incredibly easy to see, thanks to the practically crystal-clear water. If you’ve exhausted Bavaro’s Beach snorkelling, try heading to nearby Areno Gordo Beach or Catalina Beach for an equally excellent experience.

Canopy Zipline


Take to the treetops on the Canopy Adventure Zip Line Tour, just outside of Bavaro. With around 4,300 feet of cable, you’ll zoom through the jungle leaves. As you complete each zipline, you’ll be walked to the next by your knowledgeable guide, who will be able to tell you all about the flora and fauna that you pass. Learning and adventure? Sign us up!