Trip to The Big Apple

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Our Head of Tech’s daughter, Erin, is joining the dealchecker office for a week of work experience. As a predictably travel obsessed-office, one of the first things we wanted to hear about was where she’s travelled recently, so here’s Erin’s take on New York!


New York City. An amazing place filled with excitement and adventure. I luckily had a chance to go there for a summer and had an amazing time and did some once in a lifetime things!


Food – America is well known for all their food so i was desperate to try out everything. Of course I did the simple Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts and much more but I also went to an amazing restaurant called Hibatchi. It’s this great Japanese place where the chefs cook everything right in front of you whilst putting on a little show with a lot of flames. You have a variety of meal options and a kids menu. The food overall is lush.


Activities – There are a lot of things to do in America (obviously) but one thing I really enjoyed was parasailing whilst in Lake George. It was utterly breath taking, the view from 400-feet in the air is amazing and the height is totally un-noticeable! I am completely afraid of anything to with heights and had a bit of a panic whilst going up but when you are over water the height doesn’t seem like anything! Where I did  parasailing there were mountains and cliffs so you could see a full view of everything all over the little village. So if you have the chance … go for it, otherwise you will be kicking yourself.


Shopping – DO NOT BE FOOLED! America is no more a fashion empire than London, as British style goes over there a year later. However, the prices are amazing! Most of Britain’s favourite stores are American so over there you can get great deals.

Accommodation – Hotels can be extremely expensive in the ‘Big Apple’ so its easier (and cheaper) to stay at hotels on the outside or over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey. Another helpful thing is having family or friends that live over there that you can stay with if possible.

Landmarks – The city is of course has a variety of famous landmarks, and how you see them in the movies is how they are in real life. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! So busy and so fantastic. Everywhere is so memorable, Times Square, the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty – unbelievable.



Flight –  I am 14 so I had to have a courier to take me there and back on flights. Not many airlines have this service but I do recommend Virgin Atlantic. The age for a courier is 12-16 so is very helpful if there is a young family member flying alone.


Overall New York is an amazing place and has so much to do so if you have the possibility to go , Go! Beware – you might have to do a bit of saving before you go as it can be very pricey.


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