TV Show Tours in New York

It’s happened to all of us: you watch something on TV, you think it looks fabulous, and you start plotting your visit. And nowhere looks more photogenic, has been featured in so many hit TV shows, or has so many sides to it than the one and only New York. If you want to get close to where your favourite show was filmed, then – as luck would have it – someone has already thought of that! Check out some of the tours you can go on:

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw's House

The original and best tour, Sex and the City is often described as using New York City herself as the fifth main character. You can visit a staggering 40 locations used in the TV show and films, which should be more than enough to get you your fix of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. And of course there will be time for shopping.

Gossip Girl

Grand Central Station
Antonio Campoy Ederra

Enter the elite world of the Upper East Side and check out the hangouts of Serena and Blair, see Chuck’s Empire Hotel, and feel very much like Gossip Girl might be watching you too. If you feel that sharing this tour would be too much like roughing it, you can even take it privately in a limousine! I feel they would all approve.

Will and Grace

Grace's Studio
Rob Young

This hit TV show has a few prominent stops on the New York TV and Movie Sites Tour, including the Puck building, so named for its statue of Shakespeare’s Puck outside. This is where Grace worked and Karen “assisted”, and we’ve heard that if you ask nicely they might also take you past 155 Riverside Drive, used for Will’s apartment. Fabulous!

The Sopranos

Famous meat shop
Vince Alongi

Four hours will see you head out of Manhattan and over to New Jersey to explore over 40 sites where The Sopranos was filmed. You’ll see loads of the places in the opening credits and you can also make like Tony and his mafia buddies and hang out in various places planning your next move.

30 Rock

Atlas and 30 Rockefeller
Friar’s Balsam

As part of the New York TV and Movie Sites Tour you will head on over to 30 Rock – that’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza – for a snoop at many of the filming locations. Perhaps you will find yourself acting out like Jenna, dispensing advice like Jack, being the smartest dumb person in the room like Tracey or just trying to hold it all together like Liz!

How I Met Your Mother

McGee's Pub, inpiration for HIMYM
Lola’s Big Adventure

Although How I Met Your Mother is largely filmed on set in Los Angeles (sorry to be the one to break it to you) there are plenty of shots of New York and on this tour you will get to visit many of them. Will you find the “best burger in New York”? And can you handle Marshall’s favourite cowboy-style fruity cocktail served out of a boot-shaped glass?

Central Park Tour

Central Park, one of the many locations in Breakfast at Tiffany's
kathia shieh

Ok you’ve got me, Central Park is not a TV show, but it is one of New York’s most iconic locations, and the backdrop to countless TV and movie scenes. You’ll visit where the cast of Glee sang, see the famous ice skating rink from Love Story, try to escape the bad guys like on Date Night, get all wistful in the Bandshell like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and much, much more.

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