Water Based Fun in Costa Adeje

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If you like to make a splash on holiday do it in Costa Adeje. Water babies are absolutely spoilt for choice in this popular Tenerife resort with a whole host of companies offering futuristic fly boarding and good old fashioned banana boat rides. Then there’s Europe’s largest water park, Siam Park, which will have you spoilt for choice with adrenaline-inducing rides.

Siam Park

siam park
Image via shutterstock courtesy of Boudikka

After gaining permission from the Thai monarchy, this park was designed and built with Thailand theme, it was even opened by a Thai princess. Today it is the biggest waterpark you’ll find in Europe, holding a number of prominent awards and records including the largest man-made wave in the world, and a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for the world’s best waterpark!

In the Wave Palace you’ll experience three-metre-high artificial waves. You can then take a ride on Singha, where you’ll career down a track in a float at a dizzying 18 metres per second! The main attraction is the Tower of Power, which will see you almost free falling down a vertical drop of around 28 metres and into an underwater tube! Tickets cost €34 for adults and €23 for children up to 11 years.



Although smaller than Siam Park, Aqualand has a dolphinarium where you can watch dolphin shows, and a ride called Flying Boats which consists of a slide almost as long as the Eiffel tower is high! There’s also the appropriately named Tornado – a bowl slide that will have you feeling like you’re caught up in the middle of a storm (a harmless one). Tickets cost €25 for adults and €17.5 for children up to 10 years.

Fly Boarding

Image courtesy of GUIDENOP via shutterstock.com

This bizarre-looking activity involves strapping on jet boots and a long hose that work in tandem to propel you out of the water and into the air. You’ll also have jets attached to your hands to complete the Iron Man image the company is striving towards. It’s so popular that it’s earned itself a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and it costs around €70. Try it here.

Banana Boat Ride


Everyone knows what a banana boat is and that you just get on, hold on for dear life and inevitably get flung into the water. It’s great fun and you can do it on pretty much any beach in Tenerife. It usually costs around €10 for a ride.

Paddle Boarding


What it says on the tin! Hire a board, stand tall and paddle yourself across the sparking sea. Try it out with Water Sports Tenerife on Troya Beach.

Jet Skiing

jet ski

This wet and wild activity comes with one massive adrenaline rush. For a unique Tenerife experience try a “Jet Ski Safari” with Jet Ski Safari Tenerife. It’s located a 30-minute drive away in Los Gigantes, where you’ll visit caves and speed around the base of the beautiful Gigantes cliffs. You’ll also get a chance to use a Bladefish which looks a bit like a like a fan and will allow you to reach speeds you never thought possible when you dive into the water.
Alternatively, you could do a trip from Costa Adeje to Los Gigantes with Ihoppers for €150.

A waterbuggy ride is an alternative to jet skiing. With a five-star rating on TripAdvisor, Waterbuggy Fun offer jetski/boat hybrids with a little sun roof and joystick to control them. You couldn’t put less effort into driving it if you tried. It’s a fun way of seeing the island and is a lot cheaper, costing €40 for an hour and €28 for 30 minutes.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving


Expect to see anything from turtles, rays, octopi, starfish, pilot whales and dolphins while you reach the depths of the waters surrounding Tenerife. If you’re not up for learing to dive, snorkelling is a great alternative.

Aqua Thermal Club


Among many other things, Aqua Club spa has a whirlpool bath, Turkish bath and a flotarium which has a concentrated amount of sea salt which makes you feel weightless. From Monday – Friday between 8-10pm (happy hour) you can go on a thermal circuit which includes the use of these areas and more and lasts around two and a half hours for €18 euros. Of course, you can go at other times but that means you’ll have to pay a little more.

You can also pay extra for a massage (as little as 10 euros for 10 minutes). Then, if you’re feeling fancy, you can treat yourself to a body wrap or facial, some waxing or a make up session.