Quick Guide to Seychelles

The Seychelles is one of the most romantic spots on the planet. It's the ultimate tropical paradise, boating numerous exotic spas and luxury resorts, but you can also have a shoestring-budget cheap holiday to Seychelles - the islands have it all. Comparing a holiday in the Mediterranean with a trip to the Seychelles, you won't find it cheap, but there are still great deals to be had. By tailoring your itinerary you can save in small areas while ensuring your holiday to the Seychelles is as memorable as can be.

Fab holidays for:

Paradise beaches, Delicious seafood, Incredible diving


Seychelles International Airport

Did you know?

Pirates are said to have used the Seychelles as a hide-out for their loot. Olivier Le Vasseur, an infamous pirate, allegedly hid 100,000 euros of treasure that's still somewhere on the island today. Anyone up for a treasure hunt?


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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Seychelles


Known as a romantic honeymoon destination, the Seychelles has plenty to entertain the masses from groups of friends to families.

Companies such as National Geographic have given the Seychelles the title of 'Best Beaches in the World' so you've got to pay attention. With powder white sands, waters so clear you almost forget it's the sea, and spectacular rock formations, no one would judge you from spending your entire holiday on the beach.
Fine Dining
You've haven't tasted fresh seafood until you've tucked into Creole cuisine. Influenced by African, French, Chinese and Indian traditions, it's a mouthwatering mixture of spices with a side offering of coconut milk and rice.
Coral reefs
The world underneath the waves is just as stunning as the one above. Many parts of the islands still boast completely infact coral reefs, home to a huge variety of sea creatures.
Island hopping
You don't have to stay in one place on a holiday in the Seychelles. Hop from one beautiful to the other with cheap and convenient boat transportation readily available - you won't be able to choose your favourite.
The animals
Hike around the Seychelles and you'll bump into a wealth of fascinating wildlife. If you venture out to nearby Mahe's capital, Victoria, you will be able to visit the giant tortoises, some of which are the largest in the world. Don't forget to look up - there are birds you've never seen flying through the tree tops. Praslin National Park, a prehistoric rainforest, is also a must-see.

Finding a Cheap Place to Stay In Seychelles

There are many different types of accommodation on offer on Seychelles holidays, from private villas and apartments, through to complex and leisure resorts. Some hotels are situated along the magnificent beaches or in secluded coves, but whether you choose to stay at the more upmarket resorts or go for something more budget-friendly, you won't be disappointed. If you're headed for the coastline of Mahe you will find the transfer time from the airport is only around 25 minutes meaning you can get your holiday started without too much fuss.

Your Holiday Flight To The Seychelles

There are regular Seychelles flights that land at Seychelles International Airport, which is situated approximately 11km from the capital Victoria, in Mahe. You can expect your flight to take approximately 11 hours from the UK. There are a number of different routes you can take so make sure the times suit but choose between the airlines and get a cheaper deal. A lot of the flights will fly via either Africa or the Middle East. The latter makes it easier to start your holiday from your UK regional airport.