Quick Guide to Ibiza

Ibiza is a small island and part of the Balearic Islands, which belong to Spain and lie in the Mediterranean Sea off the country's east coast. What it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in holiday appeal - with legendary nightlife, wonderful beaches and lovely towns. There are plenty of cheap Ibiza holidays available throughout the summer months so make 2015 or 2016 your year to join the party and soak up the sunshine!

Booking a holiday in Ibiza needn't be all about partying in super clubs and being surrounded by beautiful people, or drunken teenagers, because aside from the main towns of Ibiza Town and San Antonio, the 'White Isle' is also a great place for family holidays with plenty of quiet beaches in the north of the island as well as a beautiful interior.

There are plenty of resorts to choose from when it comes to a holiday in Ibiza, with those in the south generally more geared towards the party crowd, and those in the north of the island more about relaxed family fun and enjoying the natural beauty and beaches. This is reflected in the hotel choices too, with more cheap hotels close to the clubs, and fewer in the north. Of course, if you're after a luxury holiday with plenty of after dark dancing and drinking, that is perfectly possible too with a wide choice of five-star hotels! Why not seek out a last-minute bargain and join the fun?


What to do in Ibiza

If you want to head over for the 2015 or 2016 clubbing seasons in Ibiza, keep your eye open for announcements so you can snap up a bargain! Here our some of our favourite Ibiza clubbing spots.

Ibiza's oldest club has been going since 1973 and is known for its cherry VIP tables. You'll find the best DJs from the mainstream and underground playing here.
A temple of electronic dance music, Space was one of the first clubs to offer daytime clubbing for people who never want the party to stop.
For many, this is the most popular club in Ibiza. The main room is flooded with light as the sun rises, and there are two major ice cannons ready to shoot off at any time.
This hotel offers some of the best DJs in the world, playing outside parties during the day by the pool.
The world's biggest club has a main room the size of an aircraft hanger. It has been running for 21 years and provides some of the biggest and best parties in Ibiza.

How to get to Ibiza

There are cheap flights to Ibiza available from a choice of UK departure points, and with plenty of competition from budget airlines there are lots of bargains to be had.

All the cheapest flights to Ibiza are direct, so don't consider a longer and more expensive route with changes! Package holiday deals to Ibiza will all include a direct flight too, and you can expect to be in the air for around two and a half hours, or slightly longer from northern airports.

Getting on the road and to your hotel, there are not that many options, so it's a really good idea to pre-book a dedicated resort transfer with your package holiday or see if your hotel offers the service. It's certainly easiest to book things all together, then you don't have to worry about arranging things when you get there. If you would like to go it alone these are your options:

Local Buses - There are two, one which runs to San Antonio and the other that goes to Ibiza Town. The bus to Ibiza town runs a frequent service throughout the holiday season, while the bus to San Antonio is much less frequent and only runs at the height of the Ibiza holiday season. Fares are very reasonable but if you have large luggage you may struggle.

Taxi - There is a dedicated taxi rank and specified rates for day and night, so you should be able to work out approximately how much you will pay before you set off. Note there are no supplements for suitcases!

Hire car - This is much more necessary if you're planning on visiting the north of the island than staying in the south, especially if you're not on a package holiday with transfers included but are going it alone booking your flight and hotel separately.

When to go to Ibiza

The peak Ibiza holiday season is between May and September with the most popular months being June, July and August. This is the height of the clubbing season and also when the weather is at its hottest, which all adds up to make this the most expensive time for a visit!

Clubbers should consider flying in for the opening or closing parties to save a bit of money, or just staying in a cheaper hotel - after all you're only really going to be sleeping there before another day of the beach and the nightlife!

If you're visiting for the natural beauty then spring is a great time, with the flowers starting to bloom and cooler temperatures great for exploring. Winter flights are also available, with the island all but deserted apart from old hippies and a few local townspeople. Most things will be closed though so consider a self catering holiday in Ibiza at this time of year.