Where Can I…Live On £15 a Day?

You might think that that trip to Ibiza is an absolute bargain because you only paid £50 for your return flights, but you’ll have a nasty surprise once you get to the Balaeric paradise to realise that average entry to a nightclub is around the £60 mark and the restaurants are similarly purse-obliterating! With this in mind, we thought we’d shed some light on where in the world you can live on £15 a day or less!


Image by Lynhdan

Whilst it increases in popularity with the tourist contingent year by year, Thailand remains very cheap to travel and live in. You can certainly live on less than £15 a day here. You can get rooms for as little as £3 a night, eat for less than £4 a day and fall completely off the wagon for as little as £1 a drink! Ensuring that you eat the (mainly delicious, fresh) local food found on street stalls and avoid partying every night (drinks generally cost more than food) – and take local transportation – you should find it easy to stick to the £15 a day rule.


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Bali is even cheaper than Thailand! You can get rooms for less than £5 a night – at these prices, don’t expect luxury, but you can certainly still get reasonable, clean acommodation for this price! Most local meals cost between £1 while “western” dishes are about £2. Activities such as snorkelling tend to cost no more than £5!


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Eastern Europe is a notoriously cheap destination and Romania is one of the top spots for beautiful landscapes, culture and cheap alcohol. You can get accommodation and food on a serious budget in Romania; we’d also suggest Budapest for those who are after an mix of cultural satisfaction and frugality. The best thing about these destinations is also that you won’t have to fork out a bomb for the flights either as most low-cost airlines offer incredibly cheap flights too!


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You can easily live for under £15 a day in India. Delicious street food will set you back no more than £1 in some cases and you can  find super cheap accommodation as well. If you’re someone who likes to pick up exotic treats on their travels, but don’t have the funds to shop till you drop, India will be your dream come true. The markets you’ll find offer amazing, hand made delights for incredibly low prices. Probably worth working on your haggling skills before you leave though.

Central and South America

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Central and South America can be done on a real budget. Throughout places like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, you will find most budget hotels for around £5 per night, meals for £1, cheap beer and very cheap transport!

Fancy living like a king on a paupers budget? Grab some cheap flights to Thailand , or how about a holiday to India?

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