Happy Hump Day News: New Street Names, Friendships and Farms

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This week, New Zealand declared that it has eliminated coronavirus and has no active cases, which makes us feel hopeful as we continue social distancing and following the government’s guidelines. Elsewhere in the world, there are more lovely nuggets of news that we want to share with you, so sit back, relax and get happy…

Roof to Table


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The largest urban farm is set to open on a rooftop in Paris, which is estimated to produce 1000kg of fruit and vegetables per day during the high season! The farm will eliminate the journeys between rural farms and the city and won’t use pesticides – what could be fresher? Well, perhaps something you’ve grown yourself… which is now also possible with small plots that will be available to lease on the rooftop. The farm will also have its own onsite restaurant and bar – needless to say the menu will be made up of fresh and organic ingredients!

Hawk Post

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A FedEx driver managed to deliver a skateboard from a young Tony Hawk fan to his hero, by putting out a message on TikTok in the hope that the pro skateboarder would see it. Hawk did see it, and not only is the skateboard on its way to him, but he’s sending one of his own back!

Black Lives Matter


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The mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser has commissioned a giant mural that displays the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the streets leading up to the White House in support of the recent protests. The section of 16th Street that the words are painted on has also been renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza.

A Hero’s Hero


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A woman who was rescued from a burning New York building as a child has been able to finally track down her hero due to coronavirus. The now nurse Deidre Taylor moved away from the city with her family after the fire, but recently returned to NYC to volunteer. She asked some firefighters who she met in the hospital if they recognised the man from an old newspaper clipping she had, and one them happened to have his phone number!

And finally…

In another skateboard themed piece of news, we love the videos of this tiny, fearless skater girl Rita Ishizuka. She’s our inspiration for this week!


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