Places Over Water in Jamaica that Float Our Boat

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Like on most islands, it’s not difficult to find water in Jamaica – the whole country is surrounded by the stuff! And to that end, there’s no shortage of watery activities to participate in while you’re there – everything from snorkelling to boat trips, splashing about beneath waterfalls, and swimming with dolphins. More unusually, Jamaica is packed with experiences that happen, well, above the water. Pull on your swimmers, and prepare to get your feet wet with these no-so-waterlogged hotels, bars and eateries.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

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Once upon a time there was a fisherman named Floyd who had a dream. A dream to start a floating bar, where his fisherman buddies could come and crack open a can of beer on their way home after a long day reeling in fish. His dream was realised, and he built a floating bar made of driftwood a mile out at sea. Soon his clientele expanded beyond his mates, and a thriving business was born. Sip upon one of Jamaica’s famous Red Stripe beers, or perhaps a rum. Make sure you bring your bikini – you can dive right off the side into the crystal-clear water below you!

The Caves

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Speaking of diving – at The Caves hotel (allegedly Naomi Campbell’s favourite digs), it’s not unusual to see your fellow guests leaping from the cliffs the hotel sits on, straight into the water. Hovering above the crystal-clear Caribbean, some of the 12 guest rooms are carved out of the limestone, and restaurants and bars are set within natural grottos with views across the water. There’s several spots where you can jump directly into the water, if you dare! Otherwise, there’s a pool and hot tub if the natural sea water doesn’t float your boat (or body, if you will).

Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Café is notorious in Negril for its incredible sunsets. Actually a bar and restaurant, it’s also famous for giving guests the chance to finish their drink and dive straight into the water. The cliff-dive which it’s known for, is 35 feet above the water, but there are plenty of entry points that don’t raise the adrenaline quite so much! The truly adventurous add to the drama by climbing trees to even greater heights and taking the plunge from there. If you don’t fancy getting wet, Rick’s menu of Caribbean and international food is enough to keep you sated as you watch the daredevils dive.

Sandals Overwater Bungalows

Thought overwater bungalows were confined to the beaches of the Maldives and Tahiti? Sandals set out this year to buck that trend, opening the Caribbean’s first overwater bungalows in Jamaica. The thatched-roofed villas sit on stilts and have floor-to-ceiling glass doors separating you from the sea. Speaking of sea, you can spend hours spying on the underwater world below you via a glass panel in the floor. Once you’ve tired of this, giant hammocks hanging directly over the water add to the effect. If you’re finding the endless sunshine a bit too hot, jump into the water from your very own dive platform.

HighSeas Seafood Raft

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Ever been having such an excellent time splashing about in the water that you don’t want to get out, even to eat? We know how you feel! Lucky, then, that the HighSeas Seafood Raft trawls the beaches of Jamaica, feeding the hungry, water-bound masses! Little more than a raft with a barbecue, the local who runs this genius contraption expertly cooks the seafood he pulls directly from the water, selling it to bathers. If the idea of treading water and trying to eat at the same time is a little too difficult, he’s got a wooden platform for you to indulge in what’s he’s dishing up – it could be crab one day, fish the next, and prawns another day! We’re drooling just thinking about it…

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