ReVEALed: Meat-Obsessed Destinations!

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Food is an important part of travel, and with so much to choose from it’s difficult to know where to go for what. We’ve decided to focus on the meat-obsessed and bring you some of the best places across the globe for carnivores to get their meaty fix! From worldclass steaks and melt-in-the-mouth beef, to kebabs and jerk chicken, we’ve got it all covered. Now, someone grab us a burger!

1. Spain

Known as the land of die-hard meat eaters, Spain has quite a selection of traditional delicacies for carnivores. Hearty meatballs, proper Valencian paella loaded with chicken and rabbit, chorizo and morcilla sausages, the list could go on and on. Perhaps the most famous meat Spain has to offer is it’s stunning Jamon Iberico, a cured ham said to be the best in the world. Expect to see these legs of ham hanging just about everywhere throughout Spain!

Image: Sarah Shreeves

2. Texas, USA

The top producers of beef in the whole of the US and home to the Chili Con Carne, Texas is a meat-lover’s dream. The entire state is well known for its obsession with meat, and it’s no wonder why with some of the iconic dishes coming out of this part of the country. There’s Tex-Mex fajitas and epic burgers, but most famous of all is the slow-cooked, smoked beef brisket. The beef is thrown into a smoker and left to gently cook in a mixture of spices for a number of hours. The result… the best brisket ever!

Image: Wally Gobetz

3. Kuwait

Perhaps an unexpected one to see on this list, but Kuwait actually eats a lot of meat. The second most in the world in fact! It is not uncommon for locals to eat three meaty meals a day, sometimes even beginning with a breakfast containing fried liver or kidney. Lamb is widely eaten here. Try Machboos, a platter of rice and lamb, which is a firm favourite for the people of Kuwait. There are also a lot of fast-food options due to the country’s Americanized culture. A very rich diet, but one we wouldn’t mind trying out for a while!

4. Austria

Austria, the land of warming and hearty dishes. It’s no surprise really that they are also big meat-eaters is it? Wiener Schnitzel is the country’s national dish, and if you haven’t tried it before then you really should! Traditionally made with veal, coated in breadcrumbs and fried, this dish can be found everywhere in Austria. Pork is also used widely throughout the country, and with the offal, snout and trotters being used up too, there’s not much wastage.

Image: cle2050

5. Canada

Home of the bacon-obsessed, Canada has a great selection on offer for carnivores. As mentioned, this nation is rather big on it’s bacon, but that’s not all they love. Boar, bison, venison, rabbit, smoked meats, meat pies, you name it and the Canadian’s will love it. One of the most popular meats however, is the famous Alberta AAA beef which is widely considered as some of the best beef in the whole world. And let me tell you, it’s pretty tasty stuff!

Image: Kurt Bauschardt

6. Argentina

Argentina is well known for its steak worldwide. Grass-fed cows are allowed to roam free, and it’s said this makes all the difference to the flavour. And what better way to eat it than from a traditional asado, an Argentinian barbecue. The asado is actually the national dish of this country and normally includes a wide range of meats, however in Patagonia don’t be surprised to see whole animals being cooked on one. Another favourite is Locra, a hearty stew made of beef or pork along with tripe and chorizo which is cooked to honour Argentina’s Revolution on the 25th May.

7. Israel

As a Jewish country, there are some meats that are not eaten much in Israel. The country also has a huge amount of vegetarian dishes on offer. However, Israel is still among the highest consumers of meat in the world. Lamb, chicken and turkey are the main meats eaten and with shawarma being extremely popular, it is not unusual to see giant kebabs rotating in pretty much every market. Slowly cooked on a spit-roast at a very high temperature, meat is carved off into pittas and served with hummus, tahini and pickled mangoes.

Image: StateofIsrael

8. Luxembourg

With strong influences from France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is a great spot for foodies, but especially the meat fans. Jugged hare stews, warming game dishes, meat-filled broths and soups, and jellied suckling pigs are just a few of the meat dishes on offer here. The most famous dish however, is called Judd mat Gaardebounen and consists of slices of smoked collar of pork served with broad beans. Considered the country’s national dish by many, expect to see this delicacy in many restaurants around Luxembourg.

Image: fs999

9. Jamaica

With notoriously spicy food, Jamaican cuisine is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Jerk chicken is a great example of this! Marinated in hot spices and covered in scotch bonnet chilli, the chicken is traditionally smoked over pimento wood before being served with rice and peas. Another spicy option for meat lovers is curry goat which is usually slow cooked in a spicy sauce until the goat falls from the bone. Oxtail soup is another firm favourite here, and perhaps a slightly milder option.

Image: stu_spivack

10. South Africa

Calling all meat and barbecue fans, South Africa is definitely the place for you! Known as a braai rather than a barbecue, this South African style of cooking is hugely popular and not just for special occasions. A braai uses wood and briquettes and it is vital that only great quality meat is used, steak and boerewors, a type of sausage, being the most popular choices. Biltong is also another meaty delicacy over here. Made in a similar way to beef jerky, biltong is cured and dried using either ostrich, game or beef, and is eaten everywhere through the country.