Royal Holiday Destinations

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A holiday fit for a princess, or a prince, or a king. Might as well throw in a queen whilst you’re at it. Yep, that’s right, we’re talking holidays that are only fit for a royal. No three-star hotels here, just extreme luxury.



Our very own Prince William and Kate Middleton recently spent some much needed getaway time (all that waving must get very tiring) at the exclusive resort, Cheval Blanc in the luxurious Maldives. Who can blame them for wanting to stay there? With stunning white-sand beaches – they may just be the best in the world – and the brightest-blue sea, we’re not surprised this was the chosen place for their royal holiday.

Majorca, Spain


That’s right, the Spanish royal family are raving it up in the super club, BCM in Magaluf! No, we kid, we kid! But they have recently visited the beautiful Balearic island of Majorca. They did stay at the rather classy Marivent Palace, which is reserved for royal summer trips.

Tuscany, Italy


The Dutch royal family are quite fond of Tuscany, and have been retreating there on their holidays for many years. The village of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa is a popular residence, where they own a traditional Tuscan farm. We’re guessing they spend more time enjoying that beautiful Tuscan scenery of lush gardens and scenic vineyards than milking cows though.

Hawaii, USA


Ok, so this one isn’t officially royalty, but it’s President freakin’ Obama, one of the coolest dudes on the planet. And boy does he know how to holiday. He spends most the year in The White House, so he certainly doesn’t need a white Christmas that most of us crave. Instead he heads of to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, with Hawaiian Lei intact.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

st moritz

Most royals seem to share one particular type of holiday in common: skiing. St. Moritz in Switzerland is a favourite of the Swedish royal family. They often stay in the exclusive Suvretta House Hotel and have private lessons from the hotel’s teachers. We hear the King is quite a nifty skier, but always gets held back by his less skilled bodyguards. The price you have to pay to be the king, eh?



The Danish royals haven’t ventured too far from home lately, taking a family holiday in Greenland. Whilst we imagine most royals visit exotic destinations, the Danes settled for this rather humble holiday. Ok, so it wasn’t completely humble; it was part of a seven-day summer cruise on a royal yacht, but considering a trip to LEGOLAND was on the itinerary, we’d like to think the Danish royal family are a tad lower key than most royals.

Oualidia, Morocco


Whilst most people are heading off to Agadir to get some cheap sun and beach getaways, the Moroccan royal family is going to Oualidia. It’s located on the Atlantic coast, and we reckon the beautiful lagoons, excellent surfing conditions and the pink flamingos that flock there might be what keeps them coming back.



The Seychelles are famously known as the place where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their honeymoon, and we’re not surprised they chose them. The turquoise waters and white sands make this place its own little slice of paradise.

St. Tropez, France

st tropez

The uber-luxurious ST. Tropez is a holiday destination taken up by many royals all over the world. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit (or rich enough), you’ll find super yachts, amazing villas and nightclubs for the super exclusive. St. Tropez is easy on the eye too, with spectacular rocky peninsula and some lovely views of mountains across the ocean.

Spetses, Greece


Spetses used to be the summer destination for the now deposed Greek royal family. The island is filled with whitewashed houses and stylish boutiques. Cars are banned from driving in the town and people use horse-drawn carriages to get around. An all-night raver in Zante, this most certainly is not.

Klosters, The Swiss Alps


Royals do like to ski, and Klosters is where you’ll find most of them. Prince Charles is a big fan, he even has a cable car there named after him and often stays in the five-star Hotel Walserhof. Prince William and Kate Middleton have also been photographed on the slopes in Switzerland.

Sardinia, Italy


Costa Smeralda in Sardinia has been a favourite with royals since the 60s and more recently has been a hotspot for the Saudi royal family. Most of the royals use one of their multi-million pound yachts to laze their days away. Although the five-star Cala di Volpe hotel is said to be a popular choice among royals who leave the yacht at home.