The American Burger

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Ahh yes. The beef burger. Tis’ amongst our favourite foods. This towering combination of pure beef, sesame seed bun – often topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce and occasionally a gherkin – is a delight upon delights. There’s a connotation derived from the beef burger – that it is a macho food, a food for real men. We personally think that’s a load of tosh and the burger has come to be enjoyed by everyone.

It’s become so popular, evolving from a cheap comfort food to a gourmet pleasure. If you want to find the best burgers (cheap and expensive), then we suggest you head to the good ol’ USA, where you will find some of the finest on offer. Check out our guide to the top burgers in some great American cities.


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The Windy City knows a thing or two about a good burger, and if you find yourself visiting Chicago, then we suggest stopping by A10 which is located in the Hyde Park neighbourhood.

The A10 burger comes with salty slices of pork jowl bacon, melted taleggio cheese, pickles and tangy mustard jam – all served on a brioche role. Delish!



Also known as the Motor City, Detroit cooks up a mean burger or two. Head to the Eastern Market where you’ll appreciate some serious burger-eating. Cutters serves up a choice between a scrumptious 1lb hand-pounded patty – which has set the bar for Detroit burgers – to the 2lb version. We only suggest the 2lb if you’re feeling really brave (or really hungry).



Taking a trip to Philadelphia will offer cobblestone streets and historical landmarks. It also happens to be one of the best cities in the USA to grab a burger. If you’re looking for a super cheap, super delicious burger, then look no further than Dilly’s Corner. For just three dollars, you will get a soft bun, juicy burger and your own choice of toppings. It doesn’t get much better than that.


hubcap burger
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Head further south and you’ll reach the Texan city of Huston. They appreciate a fine burger in Huston and a trip to the Hubcap Grill will certainly prove it. Try the Muffuletta burger: olives and Swiss cheese combined with a soft patty. Or how about the Cheetos burger? That’s right, this burger is topped with American crisps, Cheetos and extra cheese – providing you with a very cheesy burger.

San Diego

nine-ten burger

In the surfer town of San Diego you’re sure to find the following; bodacious dudes and dudettes hitting some big waves, beautiful sands combined with relaxing waters, oh and you’ll find some of the best burgers in town. They love a good burger in San Diego and the Nine-Ten burger at Nine-Ten is our pick of the bunch. It’ll set you back $14, but with amazing hand-made buns, aloli and pickles – it’s definitely worth it. It also comes with house-made chips on the side.

Kansas City

back yard burgers
©Lee Poston

Kansas City, Missouri is serious about its burgers. The city once had the nation’s second largest livestock and is a proper beef town. Head to Back Yard Burgers and try the classic double back yard burger – double the beef, hot pepper cheese, bacon, mushrooms and jalapenos make this one serious burger. If that’s a bit too much meat for you, then there is a junior version.

New York

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New Yorkers are passionate about their burgers, and starting a debate about which place does the best ones may have you arguing until the early hours of the morning. They’re burger connoisseurs in New York and if you’re taking a trip there, we recommend tucking into a burger from J.G Melon on 3rd avenue. Open since 1972 – their Cheeseburger is just delightful. Served medium-rare juicy with a layer of melted cheese – it takes the burger back to simpler times and is most definitely worth the modest $10 price.

Los Angeles

©Simon Willison

Los Angeles is known for being the land of fame – the place to go to launch a successful career in entertainment. So if you’re out there searching for fame and fortune, you’re probably going to work up quite the appetite. We recommend you go to your local In-N-Out. The California fast food chain offers a tasty range of burgers, with our favourite being the Double-Double which provides two patties and two slices of cheese with crisp lettuce and tomatoes.


park burger
©Denver Burger Battle

Many people head to Denver to see the fantastic scenery and surrounding mountains. It also happens to be a pretty handy city for finding a good burger joint. Park Burger offer some of the finest in the city. They have a vast range of options, including toppings as extravagant as caramelised bacon and onions.


©Francine B.

Memphis knows what it takes to make a good burger. The city that is known for Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf, Isaac Hayes and Elvis – the latter certainly knew what a good burger required – has some of the greatest burger joints in the USA. If you’re looking for the best in town, then visit Huey’s. We advise on the Bluez 57 Burger which comes with crumbled blue cheese, Heinz 57 sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onion straws. Sounds splendid.

Las Vegas

burger bar
©Ed Fisher aka gleam

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, then there’s a good chance it’s going to be a lively holiday. With plenty of casinos and nightclubs to choose from, you won’t be short of things to do. We imagine with all that excitement you may work up quite the appetite, fear not as there are some great burger places to try out. Check out the Burger Bar, where you can get a great combo of champagne and burgers. With this being Las Vegas, we couldn’t leave out Le Burger Brasserie, where a burger will set you back by a whopping $777! They do have a taste for all things extravagant in Las Vegas.

New Orleans

new orleans

Jorg Hackemann

New Orleans is a special city in America. With its live bands and great street festivals, it’s a fantastic place to experience and has a feel that certainly can’t be replicated anywhere else in the US. It packs a mean burger punch too. Port of Call in the French quarter is where we recommend heading. Try the mushroom cheeseburger; half a pound of meat patty, sour cream, cheddar cheese and mushrooms. We’re licking our lips as we write.


local 121

In 2012 Providence in New England was voted the best city in America to have a burger. The city might not be number one in the tourist hotspots of the USA, but these burgers are going to more than make up for that. Head to Local 121 where the New England grass fed beef burger is a little number you must try.



Seattle might be best known for Starbucks and as the setting of television series Frasier, but let us assure you, Seattle cooks up a mean burger. We advise you to head to Red Onion Burgers and order yourself the Intimidator! Four pounds of beef topped with mayonnaise, mustard, peppers, cheese, horseradish, caramelised onions, ham, lettuce, pickle, chips, mushrooms, bacon, corned beef and tomatoes. Phew, now we’ve listed all the ingredients, all that’s left is to eat it!

San Antonio

chris madrids
©Dave 77459

It must be something in the air in Texas (or the grills) as we head back there for a second time to experience an excellent burger. This time it’s to the city of San Antonio and a little burger joint called Chris Madrid’s. We suggest you order yourself a Porky’s Delight Bacon Burger, which will have you stuffed and satisfied once it’s finished.