The Best Theme Parks On The Gold Coast

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Come to the Gold Coast for the kangas but stay for the luscious hinterlands, vast stretches of beach and, of course, the world-class and adrenaline-packed theme parks! The Gold Coast is where you’ll find the best of Australia‘s parks and an oasis of world-class entertainment and attractions, and here are some of our favourites.

Warner Bros Movie World

Originally opened in the late ’80s, for almost three decades Warner Bros. Movie World has entranced and enthralled its visitors with world-class rides and attractions based on their favourite movies. A visit here is like stepping inside the movie screen, where you’ll find everything from intense motion simulators to white-knuckle rollercoasters. One of the park’s standouts, Justice League 3D – The Ride, gives you belly-lurching thrills and an immersive 3D experience. Meanwhile, throughout the park you’ll find street shows on most corners, while all-star parade showcases run throughout the day, with immediately recognisable characters waving from movie-themed floats.

Dream World

Australia’s biggest theme park Dream World has more ground than can be covered in one day, but feel free to make a stab at it! Even if you don’t see and experience all that this park has to offer, you’ll still get a good eyeful of Indigenous history and artwork at the park’s dedicated Corroboree section. You’ll have a good dose of thrill-testing rides, and even get up close with the park’s Bengal tigers! For experienced thrill-seekers, make sure to take on The Tower Of Terror II. At 100 metres tall, this ride which catapults you up into the air at 100 mph and drops you face-first is arguably one of the world’s most extreme attractions.


Infinity Attraction

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Infinity Attraction is the trip that isn’t chemically induced! It’s an experience that defies words, which makes this blog post a little tricky, but it’ll be sure to leave you speechless on the way out too! Inside this portal to infinity you’ll be immersed in a series of 20 multi-sensory environments, all expertly designed to tap into your strongest emotions and sense of awe. You’ll laugh, scream and smile your way through this maze of seemingly never-ending beauty and emerge on the other side a little frazzled!


Still in its infancy, Holoverse opened just two years ago and became the world’s first holographic theme park. While virtual reality attractions seem to be popping up all over the world, Holoverse has an exclusive edge. You won’t be bogged down with cumbersome goggles here and the virtual world won’t just be projected through a headpiece – it’ll be all around you. You’ll feel like an essential part of the experience, as unlike virtual reality, your body will be able to interact with the fantastical environment around you. You can pet dinosaurs, battle an alien planet, fly over the gold coast and even experience the artificial gravity of the moon!

Wet ‘n’ Wild

It truly feels like summer never ends at Wet ‘n’ Wild, which lies adjacently to Warner Bros. Movie Park. Here you’ll find a labyrinth of world-class slides, ranging from breezy to heart-stopping. If you’re into just taking things easy then head towards the lazy River Rapids or drift around the tropical haven of Calypso Beach. But if you’re here to have your nerve tested, then you’re in luck. You’ll be shaking in your trunks as you line up for the Constrictor, which features some of the tightest banking turns in the world, and the AquaLoop slide will release you from a trapdoor before plummeting you down a vertical free-fall.


Tree Top Challenge

Located at Tambourine Mountain, right within the iconic Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, this guided zip-line tour will have you careening over monkey-filled trees and looking down below (if you dare!) at the crocodiles, kangaroos and dingoes. You can experience up to 80 aerial adventures, including 11 huge zip-lines which are spread across five courses. All of which will have you suspended up to 50 metres high while reaching speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour! The TreeTop Challenge is Australia’s largest zip-line adventure, and provides a great way to immerse yourself in Australia’s rainforest and get up and close to nature while conquering some pretty scary feats!

White Water World

If the rides at Dreamworld got you hot under the collar then head across the road for a dip and a dunk at White Water World! While you can spend the day away from the splashing and the slides in any of the super comfy cabanas, there’s plenty else to cater to the brave here! The aptly-named The Wedgie is certainly one for the daring. You’ll be released from a trap-door into a near-vertical drop which will transport you into a chute, putting your trunks in a knot! You’ll also find the world’s only water coaster in the Super Tubes Hydro Coaster, as well as less extreme slides for the little ones to enjoy.