The Seven Colours of Mahe, Seychelles

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This tiny spec of land in the Indian Ocean is barely visible on a map, but zoom in a little closer and these 115 islands cluster together to form a paradise world made up of tropical colours. The Seychelles is known for its mountain, rainforests and numerous tropical beaches, with the main island of colourful Mahé at its heart. Here’s our list of the tropical colours you can find here.

Blue water

Of course we couldn’t write a blog about the colours of this enigmatic Seychelles island without acknowledging the expanse of sea that surrounds it. The aqua blue ocean that laps Mahé’s sandy shores is one of the prime reasons holidaymakers flock to the island, and its waters are seriously unparalleled in natural beauty and clarity. Prime for scuba diving and snorkelling, swimming through this mirror-like water makes for an underwater experience like no other.

Green jungles

Mahé’s tallest peak is Morne Seychellois which towers at a spectacular 2,969 ft above sea level and is found right in the heart of the Morne Seychellois National Park. This expanse of tropical green forestry is brimming with rare endemic plants found only in this part of the Seychelles, like the interestingly named jellyfish tree and the carnivorous pitcher plant. Green is a colour which features heavily on Mahé, but not just in its centrally located jungles, and can be seen spreading right to the tips of the island’s sandy shores in the form of elegantly draped palm trees that line the beaches.

White sand beaches

Another stand-out colour of the glorious island of Mahé is the glimmering hue of the white sand beaches that are almost blinding in the bright sunlight. The most spectacular beaches are on the south of the island. They are rugged, wild, and characterised by their gleaming white sand which contrast with the big granite boulders that make the south coast look almost Jurassic. The beaches Baie Lazare and Anse Takamaka are two other picturesque bays in this part of Mahé which are known for pristine sugar-white sands.

Red roofed houses

This tiny island off the coast of Madagascar was originally settled in 1778 by the French but eventually passed into British hands who named the capital after their Queen – Victoria. A glimpse of this ancient imperial heritage is still omnipresent in the city streets of Victoria. Visitors only need to wander around the old town with its narrow streets and dilapidated colonial buildings to see a glimmer of times gone by. These colonial buildings are characterised in particular by their bright red roofs that stand out among the surrounding tropical forestry, especially evident at St. Andrew Church which looks distinctly European.

Pink Pineapples

Yes we were dubious too, but this is actually a thing! Among the various flora and fauna grown across the island, including wild carnivorous plants and towering palm trees, the pink pineapple is one to look out for. Native to the island of Mahé, these brightly coloured plants pepper the forestry with their pop colour and are deliciously juicy. What’s more, they’re unique appearance make them a great shot for your Instagram.

Orange sunsets

The Indian Ocean is known as a part of the world where the sunsets are unrivalled in natural beauty. The neighbouring Maldives is famed for its glossy resorts where holidaymakers watch the sun set over the sea with an exotic cocktail in hand. The Seychelles offer the same spectacular views out to sea but offer a rustic edge, with the islands’ wild nature making the bright orange of the sunsets on the island of Mahé something to behold.

Yellow national dish

One of the most common meals across the Seychelles islands, and sold by street vendors on the island of Mahé is this buttery dhal dish. A blend of lentils, ginger and lemongrass creates a bright yellow colour, as well as making the soup nice and creamy in texture. The dish is typically accompanied by a grilled snapper fish or a chicken and coconut curry, but for dhal fiends sit down and enjoy with a freshly baked flat bread.


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