Unique UK Hotels

If you have ever wondered what the world looks like to your hamster you’re in luck – just head for La Villa Hamster in Nantes, France. It’s a rather unique hotel where you can make a nest in straw, nibble on organic grain and stay awake through the night to run around and around in the human-sized hamster wheel.

There might be plans in place to open a similar hotel in London, but if you can’t wait for a weird weekend how about booking one of these unique UK hotels:

Can’t quite stretch to affording the Orient Express? One alternative is to stay at the Old Railway Station Hotel in West Sussex. Relive the golden age of rail travel sleeping in one of their three converted Pullman carriages, or you can choose to stay in the restored station house!


For sheer flamboyance it’s hard to beat the Crazy Bear Hotels – all the rooms in their Beaconsfield and Oxford hotels are individually decorated with lavish furnishings in themes like montecristo or jet black.


Get back to nature – albeit a more luxurious side of nature than you will have seen before – at The Treehouse. It’s a fairy tale-like self catering cottage that just happens to be set up a tree in Somerset. There’s even an outdoor hot tub, which really beats any tree house I had as a kid.

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is known for being one of the UK’s most haunted locations. Stay in their self catering apartments to see if Lady Mary or the Blue Boy decide to pay a visit. Even if they don’t a look around the castle’s dungeon and torture chamber is enough to freak anyone out!

My absolute favourite has to be the Sand Hotel – a huge sandcastle constructed on Weymouth Beach in Dorset. How lovely to sleep on a beach underneath the stars, with the soothing sound of the waves rolling in. At least, that’s until its high tide or you realise you’ll never get all that sand off. Oh, did I mention that there were no bathrooms either?
Sadly I can’t find their website to see if the hotel is still taking bookings. Perhaps some really mean kid stomped on it?