Sometimes you just need a break and spending it at home just doesn't cut it. Travelling across borders, whether it's the UK, Europe or further abroad, injects some excitement into a weekend that is worth every penny.

Cheap city breaks can take you from the bustling streets of New York, the sunny coast of Tenerife or to the glistening canals of Amsterdam. Don't forget about the lesser-known Eastern European cities. Opt for the likes of Bucharest or Krakow and leave all your money worries behind - being off the Euro keeps those prices down.

Make sure you plan ahead - decide what you can't bear to miss seeing and work out the most time efficient way to do so - and pick accommodation that isn't too far away from the action. You don't want to spend all your time (and money!) on transporting yourself around.

Short breaks come in all different shapes and sizes, and luckily, here at dealchecker, we have got you covered. Deals which include flights, accommodation and food are always popping up at bargain prices. Grab a friend, grab a partner or grab your family - short breaks are great all year round.

City Breaks

When considering a city break, you need to make sure that everything you want to see isn't hours away from each other. You've got limited time so even analysing how far away the airport is from your hotel room is important.

Barcelona happens to be a great option - the airport is only half an hour away from the city centre, and you can walk or bus all around the city's Gaudi-inspired parks and museums. Plus the sea is there, inviting you for a dip after a day of sight-seeing. Lisbon is another beach-side city that wins over hearts every year.

For other easily navigable cities, try cycling around Amsterdam or walking around Rome's many stunning historic sights. From airport to hotel room to city sights, your city breaks will be all about the experiences, not the hassle.

Romantic Weekend Breaks

What makes a great romantic weekend away will always differ between couples but we like to think the setting, restaurants and sights make all the difference.

Cheap weekend breaks that consist of days in cosy cafes, wandering cobbled streets and dining by candle light tend to woo over couples. If you really want to go all-out, book a luxury hotel that is less likely to be host to families with children.

The City of Lights is an obvious choice. Paris has stunning museums, the Eiffel Tower and the Wall of Love in Place des Abbesses, just waiting for a couple selfie.

Spas and restaurants are always the cherry on top. Budapest is also a good shout - you won't have to shell out for a trip to the spa here. Go for a steam in one of the many public baths - they're even more atmospheric in winter. And just know this - there are plenty of fantastic restaurants where you won't have to shell out for a mouth-watering meal. Hungarian wine is pretty good too!

Short Breaks

If you want to chill out next to the beach, Tenerife is great value for money and has plenty of beach-side hotels to choose from, plus lots of restaurants, bars and shops nearby, meaning you'll never have to venture far from your favourite sandy shore. Ibiza is a prime choice for those who want their getaway to pass in a swirl of club music and sunny skies.

If you want a city that will keep you rapt with attention, with iconic sights, historical fascinations and a fantastic atmosphere, choose a city that easily navigable in a short amount of time. Not only does Berlin have a wealth of historical sights, it has nightlife to keep you up until the early hours and even a badeschiff, a floating riverside pool.

The Big Apple rivals Berlin in frenetic energy. The most popular tourist attractions are within short distance of each other (and not far from JFK Airport) and there's everything from the Met to the Statue of Liberty to take your fancy.