Dining Etiquette in Rome

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From the Colosseum to the cuisine, the Vatican to the Vespas, there’s very little about Rome we don’t love. There’s a reason the Italian capital is known as The Eternal City – its charms have lingered for hundreds of years, and we don’t see them fading any time soon. While there’s plenty to see and do in this ancient city, if you’re anything like us, a huge chunk of your holiday to Rome is going to be spent feasting away in its many restaurants.

One of the beauties of travelling are the cultural differences you experience when abroad. And Italy in general, and Rome in particular, delivers these differences in spades. Even something as simple as eating in a restaurant (or trattoria, or osteria) can come with its own set of rules.

Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to eating out in Rome. From key phrases to make your experience a bit easier, to explaining the variety of eateries you’ll encounter, and even the different courses you might enjoy, we’re hoping this infographic will make your next Roman dining outing that bit easier.

rome infographic


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