Happy Hump Day News: Animal Magic and the Return of the Mac

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This week’s positive news features more animal magic and a surprising Spotify Top 40 entry that was originally released in 1977…

Seal of Approval


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An inquisitive seal in the River Arun in West Sussex has been hitching a ride with paddleboarders and swimming alongside kayakers. The grey seal has been named Gavin after a local RNLI lifeboatman and harbour attendant. A Facebook page has now been set up for the seal, so locals can post updates about where their flippered friend has been spotted and even what he had for lunch.

Trees for Cities


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A charity is offering free resources to schools that will help children learn about the outdoors – including growing flowers and cultivating vegetables. The charity has already helped to set up 73 ‘edible playgrounds’, which can then be used to create school meals. 

Community Shop

Liverpool is the latest city to welcome a social supermarket. The new Community Shop store sells products for up to 70% off the normal price, by stocking unsold goods donated by big chain supermarkets. The shop also features a Community Hub, where visitors can go for advice and training, and a Community Kitchen, which serves affordable meals.

Koala Care


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This year hasn’t been easy on anyone, but down under, they’ve had devastating fires to contend with as well as the pandemic. In New South Wales, volunteers are planting trees in their own backyards in an attempt to replace the thousands lost and create ‘koala corridors’ that will hopefully reverse the consequential decline in the species. These areas will also provide habitats for other animals that rely on the various flora and fauna on the continent.

Significant Otter


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Staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary set up an online dating ad for one of their otter residents Harris, after his partner of four years Apricot passed away. Happily, Scarborough SEA LIFE responded to the one-of-a-kind ‘Fishing for Love’ profile with photos of a female otter called Pumpkin, whose partner Eric also died recently. Otters are well-known for being close to their partners and are often pictured holding hands as they float, so that one of the couple doesn’t drift away. Harris is due to travel north for the first date soon… Watch this space!

Animal Magic


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OK, it’s official. A very important piece of research has shown that watching videos of adorable animals is scientifically good for us. In a study of 19 people undertaken by the University of Leeds, it was proven that heart rates, blood pressure and anxiety levels dropped after watching videos of animals for 30 minutes. Now you have a legitimate excuse!

And finally…

The TikTokers among you might have already seen the video of the man on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice and singing along to Fleetwood Mac… if you haven’t, it all kind of makes sense after you watch it. A lovely continuation of the story is that Mick Fleetwood himself has recreated the video, and the song Dreams has had a Spotify streaming boost! The whole thing is strangely heart-warming.


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