Happy Hump Day News: Creative Critters and Inspirational Italians

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This week is a real corker – we’ve got even more bizarre animal antics, and news about the return of the nation’s favourite BBC documentary.

Paw Painting


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This week’s brilliantly bizarre Instagram account follows the artistic pursuits of Piper – a raccoon from the US. Piper is one half of a duo of rescue raccoons encouraged by their owner to finger paint. Piper certainly looks pleased with her masterpiece! If you’re interested in investing in one of the compositions, they’re available to buy here.

Twitter Teddy

One of our favourite stories this week proves that social media can be used for a great deal of good. After a teddy bear was stolen in Vancouver, which had a message recorded on it from the owner’s dying mother, Ryan Reynolds tweeted that he’d give $5,000 to whoever returned it – no questions asked. Luckily, the bear was reunited with the owner intact, which might not have happened without the help of the actor.

Whale Hello


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Animal lovers may remember a heartbreaking story in 2018 about a killer whale who carried her dead calf with her for 17 days. Scientists at SR3 – a sealife response, rehabilitation and research group – have revealed that Tahlequah is once again pregnant, and is among a group of whales that the team are currently monitoring. This is wonderful news, not only for Tahlequah, but for the whole species, which is currently endangered in the US and Canada.

Knowledge is Treasure


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After the country’s recent struggles with the coronavirus pandemic, Italy has been able to celebrate some uplifting news about one of its senior citizens. 96-year-old Giuseppe Paterno has become the oldest person to receive a university diploma, graduating with top class honours in History and Philosophy from the University of Palermo. Paterno never had the opportunity to study as a young man, so decided to enrol on a three-year course in 2017. He used a typewriter to write his essays and books rather than Google for research. He believes that, “Knowledge is like a suitcase that I carry with me, it is a treasure” – living proof that it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

High Energy

Offshore wind power could soon be so cheap – the least expensive method of electricity production available – that our energy bills could start shrinking. This is also a huge step forward for the UK in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, a plan which aims to power 30% of the UK by wind by the year 2030.

Foxy Fashion

Berlin is well-known for its cutting edge fashion and unusual nightlife – and this seems to extend into the lifestyles of its urban animals too. A bold fox in Zehlendorf with a fetish for footwear has been caught swiping shoes from local residents under the cloak of darkness. Unusual? Yes, but stranger things have certainly been witnessed in Berlin…

Planet Earth: A Celebration


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It’s the news we didn’t realise we’d been waiting for. What better way to lift and unite the UK than with a Planet Earth special narrated by the nation’s grandfather David Attenborough, and made all the more euphoric with a soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. The score will be performed by the BBC Orchestra with a special guest – UK rapper Dave on piano.

And finally…

If you’re feeling flat, we recommend turning up the volume and having a little dance with the disco goats.