Happy Hump Day News: Donations, Dancers and the James Dyson Awards

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We’re another week closer to the end of lockdown, and while Christmas won’t be entirely normal this year, we have had some positive news about the next stages of 2020 – much to the delight of clubs and fans, crowds of up to 4,000 will be allowed into some sports stadiums from next week. Meanwhile, a new 10-point green plan proposed by the prime minister aims to phase out diesel and petrol cars by 2030. Plus, we’ve started seeing teasers for festive television, and while a lot of filming wasn’t possible, it seems that some favourites – old and new – will be returning for Christmas specials. 

Little Miracle


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A giant panda cub that was born three months ago at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington DC has been given a name. The choice was put to a public vote, and the overarching consensus was that Xiao Qi Ji, a Mandarin phrase that translates to ‘little miracle’, suited the fluffy cub best. Much of Xiao Qi Ji’s life so far has been in the public eye – his birth was live streamed and you can still follow his progress online if you wish!

Once Upon a Time in Wrexham


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Following the exciting news that Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have bought Wrexham Football Club, it’s come to light that one of the new owners made a generous donation to a devoted fan’s fundraiser. Aiden Stott was trying to raise £6,000 to install a much-needed disability bath in his home, so Rob McElhenney donated the full amount via his GoFundMe page. We bet it feels sunny in Wrexham at the moment!

Paris Parks


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Following last week’s story about Barcelona transforming some of its roads and intersections into green spaces, it seems that Paris has followed suit. It’s been announced that the French capital will replace half of its street parking with gardens. The project, which is thanks to the efforts of mayor Anne Hidalgo, makes sense since cars make up only 13% of trips in the city and only three in ten Parisians actually own a car. Looks like we’ll be planning a trip to Paris soon, too!

No Homework Pass

The government in the Republic of Ireland has announced that children in the country will be rewarded for all their hard work this year, and have issued a ‘No Homework Pass’ that teachers can download and use anytime from now until Christmas. Minister for Education Norma Foley announced the news in an interview with kids’ TV favourite Seamus the Dog, and also encouraged children to send in artwork, which would be reward with an official certificate. 

Boss Morris


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Sick of Joe Wick? Ran out of running routes? A group of women in Gloucestershire get their weekly workouts by Morris dancing. The Boss Morris group has revamped Morris dancing for the 21st century by modernising the dances and outfits. The group has featured in music videos and performed at festivals. Exercising in colourful make up and costumes sounds much more fun than streaming yet another YouTube class…

James Dyson Awards


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This year’s James Dyson Award winners have invented cutting edge healthcare technology that inspires hope for the future. The winners included a home breast cancer screening test called The Blue Box that tests urine, and an artificial larynx that mimics the wearer’s former voice. This year also introduced the first sustainability category, which was won by AuREUS – a new material that can convert UV light into electricity.

And finally…

Who would have thought that taking the bins out would be among our highlights of 2020? Three dancing binmen from Wolverhampton are vying for the top spot in the Christmas charts with their charity single ‘Boogie ’round the Bins at Christmas Time’. Well, stranger things have happened…