Happy Hump Day News: Drive-ins, David Beckham and Dog Commentary

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It’s that time of the week again – no, we can’t believe it either! In the last seven days we’ve learnt that the UK is past the peak of the outbreak, that more than one million people have recovered worldwide, and that there’s a (potentially rather sunny) long weekend on the horizon… plus, some other heart-warming tales that we’ve gathered below. We hope you enjoy this week’s happy hump day news!

Golden Goose


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Each week, we’ve featured a story about how wildlife is flourishing while we’ve temporarily deserted much of the great outdoors. In York however, a certain goose wasn’t satisfied enough with the lack of humans in parks and along the river, and decided to upgrade its outdoor nest to a Victorian pad offering unbeatable proximity to public transport. The bird, nicknamed ‘Mother Goose’, has moved into one of the flowerbeds in the entrance of York railway station and has laid four eggs – she’s even had a friend over for a tour of her new digs. If you want to follow her story, London North Eastern Railway has set up a #GOOSECAM alert, which they will update on Instagram and Twitter.

Just the Ticket


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An entrepreneurial resident in East Dulwich in London has set up a community raffle to support local businesses during lockdown. Tickets are only a pound each and prizes are donated by shops in the area – ranging from a jar of sweets to a bespoke watercolour painting. The raffle is now running for a second time and other communities have followed its lead by setting up their own versions. You never know, you could win a luxury spa treatment or gourmet meal for yourself or a nominated winner to enjoy when lockdown ends, while helping to keep your local community afloat.

Shine Bright

A man in Cheshire has been tidying up weathered gravestones during his daily walks. Ryan Van Emmenis, who runs a cleaning company, uses his own tools and supplies to help brighten up tired looking monuments – his three children also help him with this daily good deed, using soap and water.

Caffe Sospeso


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No, caffe sospeso is not the latest frothy coffee on the Pret menu, it’s an act of charity that originated in Naples around World War II, whereby customers pay for two coffees when buying just one – donating the second to someone who can’t afford it. The concept has apparently become popular again in recent years, with some restaurants adapting it so that they can deliver pizzas to those in need. Now that many Italians are struggling financially due to coronavirus, generosity has flourished once more and grocery tabs and masks are even being paid for. Bellissimo!

Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Lockdown


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Together we can find the light.

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What could be more comforting in times of doubt than reading – or rereading – the enchanting adventures of the boy wizard, Harry Potter. To make it even more soothing, the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, will now be read on video by some recognisable celebrities and posted on Spotify and Harry Potter at Home each week. Famous faces include Stephen Fry, David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne, and the man himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

Down at the Drive-In


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While lockdown is being eased in the Czech Republic, there’s still uncertainty about when social spots such as theatres and cinemas will reopen. In the meantime, a two-month-long drive-in festival called Art Parking is taking place in Prague, during which films are screened at an old train station and music and theatre performances take place in the city centre. Tickets and snacks are all ordered online to limit contact, and there are plans to start similar festivals in other Czech cities. If the idea catches on in the UK, then we might finally be able to live out our Grease fantasies!


And finally… ‘What are all the sports broadcasters doing to occupy themselves during this unprecedented time of no matches of any sort?’ I hear you ask. This, apparently…


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