Happy Hump Day News: Genius Ideas for a New Year

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The new year has kicked off with another full lockdown, so it’s only right that we continue to bring you the best of the news from around the world!

Living Memories

A fascinating new archive of 20th-century films and newsreels has been made available to view online, and is proving popular with care home residents who have been deprived of social contact due to the pandemic. Living Memories was launched by husband-and-wife team Brian and Leonore Norris, who began arranging Tea and Memories events in and around their hometown of Devon. These events encouraged older people, including those with memory loss and dementia, to open up and reminisce about their lives. Moving the archive online has meant that more people can access the videos, and workshops can continue to take place contact-free. Some free highlights include a 1949 royal visit to the Channel Islands and a crowd in London doing the Lambeth Walk.



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An artist in Kazakhstan has found an abundant renewable ‘canvas’ for his art works… 29-year-old Kanat Nurtazin creates scenes featuring some of our favourite film and television characters and Disney cartoons using all sorts of materials including fruit and salt, however his fallen leaf works are proving to be the most mesmerising. Nurtazin posts his intricate carvings on Instagram, and his carefully chosen backgrounds make them appear even more striking.

Bear Hug

A couple in Leeds discovered an ingenious way to safely visit their grandchildren on Christmas Day. Clive and Barbara Walshaw invested in a couple of inflatable polar bear suits, which meant that they were fully enclosed and could hug their relatives! We imagine there might be a few more polar bear sightings across the country in the months to come…

Spicy Moustache


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If your New Year’s resolution was to be more green, or you just need a new hobby to get you through lockdown, then we recommend following Alessandro – an Italian urban gardener living in London. Also known as Spicy Moustache, his 100% organic gardening and cooking is inspired by his grandparents. Even if you don’t end up following his advice, his videos are bound to raise a smile!

Smart Casual


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A fashion brand in Japan has designed the ultimate work-from-home attire – a pyjama set that looks like a business suit. We doubt it’ll be long before the rest of the world cottons on to the idea!

And Finally…

Daisy May Cooper is helping us get through the first stages of this lockdown with her TikTok videos – this one about the new-found wonder of supermarkets is reassuringly familiar…

(Contains swearing)


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