Happy Hump Day News: New Wheels and Wacky Pensioners

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This week’s positive news round-up includes more rock and roll pensioners and a couple of unconventional vehicles…

Fresh garms


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Our new favourite Instagram account belongs to an elderly Taiwanese couple who own a laundry. The octogenarians decided to make use of all of the pieces of clothing that have been left by customers over the years, and have been styling and modelling for shoots that wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy fashion magazine…

Out of this world


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Does a certain smell ever remind you of a certain place? Sun cream, citrus and the sea are some of our favourite summer aromas. A new perfume made by NASA recreates the scent of somewhere a little further afield, though – somewhere only a handful of people have actually been. The fragrance is meant to mimic the smell of outer space, which has curiously been described as reminiscent of raspberries, rum, steak and gunpowder!

Hells Angel

A 93-year-old motorcyclist is still managing to get a thrill out of riding after buying a motorised scooter that reminds him of a Harley Davidson. Thomas Kemp, from Poole in Dorset, still walks as much as possible but his scooter is helpful for longer journeys. Kemp is a World War Two veteran and still boasts a full head of hair and near perfect eyesight – perhaps we all need a bit of adventure and the open road to keep us youthful!

New Wheels

This week’s canine story is a heart wrencher. Residents in the village of Stanton in Bury St Edmunds have raised nearly £1000 to buy a custom-made wheelchair for a spaniel called Max, who lost the use of his back legs after falling off a bed. The seven-year-old pooch is delighted with his new wheels, which mean that he can finally go out and enjoy walkies once again.

And finally…

A camel story has finally made it into our hump day news round-up!

A loyal steed from Inner Mongolia trekked around 62 miles – over fences and rivers – to get back to its former home. After hearing of his journey and loyalty, his ex-owners decided to take the camel back and make it part of the family with a special traditional ceremony.