The UK Through Our Eyes: dealcheckers & Daily Exercise

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Here at dealchecker, we’re all about getting out to explore the big ol’ world and as such, you can usually find us hopping aboard planes in search of new and exciting scenes. However, if this lockdown has taught us anything it’s that we should be appreciative of the little things closer to home. A recent How to Fail podcast spoke of the untold joy of spring flowers, and we’re starting to see this. That all-important government-advised daily exercise has us stalking our local areas, and pounding the pavements close to home. We’re bringing you the slices of joy that we’re managing to grab in these moments, in the hope that it will inspire you to find some goodness where you live.

Walking Around Stratford – Rosie, Head of Content

“I moved in with my sister and her husband pre-lockdown and they live right by the Olympic Park in Stratford. On the other side of them, there is the sprawling green of Hackney Marshes. They’re quiet (for London parks) and so are providing me with some pretty dreamy walking spots. The spring bloom is well underway and so grassy walkways and still-bare trees are regularly interrupted with splashes of pink and daffodil yellow. I’m not sure there’s a sight in this world that’s more cheering.”

Runs Through Greenwich – Eleanor, Content Editor

“I’m loath to call my government-approved daily exercise a ‘jog’ (it’s more of a stagger…), but it’s certainly cheering me up. Although I’m just doing laps around the park, I’ve already shaved 15 seconds off my original time, which definitely gives me a bit of a high! Maybe this is the start of my marathon-running career…”

Ambling in Billericay – Polly, Social Media Executive

“I’ve ventured into the meadows behind my home for my daily walk. I’ve noticed there are a few more people around than usual, but everyone is sticking to the guidelines by keeping their two-metre distance and staying on the move. There are around 40,000 people in my town, but you really wouldn’t know it from this gorgeous spot – it looks as if the countryside rolls on for miles and I’ve found it’s a great place to go to clear my head during this crazy time.”

Hiking in Herefordshire – Helen, Email Marketing Manager

“I am really lucky to be staying with my parents in a beautiful rural Herefordshire hamlet. We have acres of land to roam on our doorstep without having to worry about bumping into anyone. A highlight for me has been seeing the newborn lambs.”

Dashing Through Brixton – Vanessa, Marketing Manager

“This extra home time has had me baking, with no one to share the treats with except my greedy pie hole! So I’ve been forcing myself to get out for a run most days. Unfortunately London streets are not the most ideal for keeping the two-metre distance that we must, and the popular parks can get busy. This has got me exploring smaller and quieter green spaces. On my run today I stumbled across this pretty flower garden in Ruskin Park in South London.”

Climbing One Tree Hill – Marianne, Content Editor

“I live in a pretty hilly part of London, which makes for some strenuous power walks (and occasional jogs), and also means that I occasionally come across some spectacular views. Recently I’ve been climbing up One Tree Hill, which can feel very secret and secluded, and is a calm spot to collect my thoughts and catch my breath – while admiring the silver cityscape.”

Dog Walks in Bedfordshire – Jess, Account Manager

“This time at home has made me fall back in love with walking the dog. What was becoming a chore during busy schedules is now the one thing I look forward to every day. With the evenings lighter it’s nice to go out for a walk and having the dog helps not to feel so alone in these unusual times. We walk in the local fields that would normally be full with families having picnics or flying kites as the weather gets warmer but in these quieter times I’ve been able to re-admire the amazing views my local area has to offer.”