Top World Sights – Underwater!

We’re always focused on incredible places to visit around the world, but since 70% of our planet is covered by water all this focus on above-the-seas sightseeing was beginning to feel a little biased. So sit back while we even things out with these incredible images of under the sea sights that are not to be missed.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

There are too many dive sites to pick just one from on the Great Barrier Reef – Australia does everything on a supersize scale as the 2,600 kilometre long reef system demonstrates. Here’s one teeny tiny part:

Australia - Great Barrier Reef
Image by Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. World Tour

Sharm el Sheikh – Ras Mohammed National Park

Can’t quite stretch to the airfare to Australia – well book some cheap flights to Sharm el Sheikh, the most popular dive destination on the Red Sea. You won’t be disappointed with the 130-foot drop walls of coral in Ras Mohammed National Park (130-foot drop walls not pictured!)

Sharm el Sheikh - Ras Mohammed
Image by ComùnicaTI

Underwater sculpture park – Grenada

Artist Jason de Caires Taylor has created several underwater sculpture parks in Mexico and Grenada – where the sculpture adapts to fit the environment, slowly covering over with coral.

Grenada - Underwater Sculpture
Vicissitudes – Photo by SunCat

Thingvellir National Park – Iceland

There aren’t many places in the world where you can swim along the fissure where two tectonic plates meet. Iceland is one such and the water here is freshly melted from glaciers, making it cold but very very clear.

Iceland - Thingvellir National Park
Photo by ronaldhole

Yolanda Wreck – Sharm el Sheikh

Second shout out to Sharm el Sheikh where you can visit the wreck of Yolanda – complete with the cargo she was carrying which included cars, and hundreds of toilet bowls, as you can see!

Sharm el Sheikh - Yolanda Wreck
© caan2gobelow –

Cenotes – Mexico

Mexico holds some of the most amazing underwater cave systems you can explore – there are several of these limestone sink holes known as Cenotes in the Yucatán peninsula.

Image by dMap Travel Guide

Chuuk Lagoon – Micronesia

The lagoon floor here is littered with wrecks dating back to WW2 when there was a Japanese Naval base nearby, making it one of the best sites in the world for wreck diving. Take a look at this coral covered gun:

Tank Gun - Micronesia
Image by NOAA Photo Library