Your Top Tips for Ibiza!

We rounded up our Ibiza Treats for Travel Tips competition this week, and we have to say a huge thanks to all those who sent us their recommendations.

We’ll start with this tip from Sally who has lots of advice on places to visit in Ibiza which don’t involve packed clubs and glittery outfits:

For real treats of the non-partying kind you can visit:
Evissa (Ibiza Town) which has a UNESCO World Heritage site, old town, which is unusual because it is still inhabited,
Visit the salt pans on the southern tip of the island to see where we get some of our salt from,
Visit the underground caves to the northwest of the island
It really is worth hiring a car.

Ibiza Old Town

I can testify that a car is a great idea when visiting Ibiza, though parking was a problem, so maybe we should all do as Caetano suggests:

My special tip for a brilliant Ibiza holiday is hiring a bike to explore the Island. I’ve downloaded maps of cycling routes from the tourist office and it was really easy to get around, also “rent a bike” companies have some good maps with routes for all levels and can provide guides to accompany you. It’s definitely the best way to appreciate every bit of the Island =)

However you get there, a wander around Ibiza’s Hippy Market is a must. This description was submitted by Karine:

When visiting Ibiza check out the Hippy Market of Es Canar! It happens every week and can get quite busy, but it’s a great place to find some unique pieces of Spanish jewellery and clothes, and there’s also some cool restaurants and cafes around the market so you can relax after shopping 🙂

Ibiza Market

We had several people recommend restaurant Bambudda Grove. Anne tells us:
Although it may not be the cheapest place to eat on Ibiza, it’s worth the expense. The owners have gone to town on the Asian theme and it feels at once exotic, sumptuous and more than a little surreal. The views are incredible too.

Of course you can’t talk about Ibiza without any mention of the clubs. Miriam loved new offering Ushuaia:

More chilled than any of the other clubs on the island, Ushuaia is more like going to a pool party. Well, a pool party with a whopper of a soundsystem and top name DJs. It’s set in a hotel, and the parties start in the afternoon and go on ’til dark. You can’t swim but I liked being able to paddle in the pools – that was a godsend to my weary feet.

While DC10 is a firm favourite for Charlotte:

DC10 is one of my favourite clubs on the island. It’s right next to the airport and its daytime Circo Loco party on Mondays is where you’ll find the most amazing music and atmosphere on the island – in my opinion! Planes fly over every few minutes and it feels like they are almost going to land on the terrace, they’re so close – which is much more fun than it sounds.

And we’ll round up with our reader Adam’s top tips on how to save money on your Ibiza partying:

Ibiza is famously ridiculously expensive, and getting more so by the year. The best advice I have for saving money is actually just to talk to everyone you can – especially the people working there for the season! Workers will generally have special access to cheaper or free guestlists to most of the big clubs, often for friends too. With prices as high as 80 euros for entrance to some clubs, a free or reduced guestlist is a big help. At the very least, workers will be in the know about all the hush hush underground parties in weird and wonderful locations – and many of these are actually free!

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