World’s Most Expensive Holiday Destinations

This week at dealchecker HQ we have been tasked with finding out the cheapest holiday destinations for summer 2013 – and subscribers to our emails will find out the results soon! We’ve also been indulging in a little wishful thinking, finding out about the world’s most exclusive and expensive places to take your holiday in. Of course, there’s also some help on how to make them just a little bit more affordable.


Burj Al Arab in Dubai
Theodore Scott

It seems that the economy in Dubai is surging forward, although the World Islands remain undeveloped. Luxury hotels abound, with the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm leading the way. There are celebrity visitors aplenty from Oprah to Paris Hilton, the Beckhams and the Minogue sisters! Who will you spot?

Get it for cheap: Look for cruises that include a stay in Dubai, or sign up to our Real Deals where we regularly feature offers to this rich man’s playground!


exploring Luxembourg fort
Flavio Ensiki

This tiny city might be a mere speck in the grand landscape of Europe but it packs a punch in the sightseeing stakes, as well as in your wallet! It’s one of the world’s richest countries and has prices to match. Sights include UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Old Town of Luxembourg and villages Echternach and Vianden.

Get it for cheap: Stay in nearby German town of Saarbrucken or the Belgian city of Liege and take advantage of cheap car hire for day trips.


The Big Jet and boats on Lake Geneva

Switzerland is almost legendary for how expensive it is, and other cities like Basel and Zurich could also have featured here! Heather Graham and Zac Efron have been known to visit, and as it’s home to the headquarters of the UN you will find more luxury hotels than you could ever need. Drinking, eating and shopping are all available, at crippling prices if you’re not careful!

Get it for cheap: Flights to Geneva are very reasonably priced, so spend time looking for a hotel deal, plus public transport is free. Eat your main meal at lunch and enjoy a picnic by Lake Geneva for dinner to save.

Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Beach with Sugarloaf Mountains
Cyro Silva

Popular thanks to its samba rhythms and iconic beaches, the forthcoming World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 have catapulted Rio to stratospheric levels of popularity. And you guessed it – that means sky-high prices. One of the first destinations popular with the US jet-setting crowd, it’s still a celeb hangout today with Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham (again!) spotted recently.

Get it for cheap: Not all parts of the city are filled with luxury penthouse suites, so head a little off the beaten path to get cheap accommodation, and look for street food and restaurants frequented by locals to enjoy the best of the city for less.


Private waterfront verandah

This collection of islands have many an exclusive destination amongst them, with many of the smaller islands privately owned by celebrities and millionaires. Of course, if you’ve got a spare $100,000 you can rent one of your own for the week – still a lot, even if you can split it between 20! Even islands such as Paradise Island, which you share with thousands of others, can sting you for more than $1000 a night!

Get it for cheap: It’s going to be tricky – so you’ll have to be eagle-eyed. There are some cheap holiday deals available if you’re prepared to search around and be flexible though.


Imposing architecture

Home to more millionaires than you can shake a stick at, not even McDonalds offers its food that cheaply here! Sights such as Red Square, the Kremlin and St.Basil’s Cathedral are about as iconic as it gets and it’s a huge draw for fashion and celebrities. This city is so opulent, even their subway stations have marble-clad walls and chandeliers!

Get it for cheap: The best way to enjoy Moscow for less is to take as short a break here as you can! Away from the centre the sights are limited, so just a couple of days could see you taking in all the big names.


Sunset over two tiny islands

In the Maldives you will find private islands owned by celebrities and the world’s wealthiest names, as well as some of the world’s most stunning beaches – coincidence? It’s also a honeymoon favourite, and as anyone planning a wedding will tell you, as soon as you mention the occasion, prices automatically increase.  It was where Russell Brand and Katy Perry as well as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their honeymoons, if you need any more incentive to go here!

Get it for cheap: Psst, there’s a thriving self-catering scene here, with great places up for grabs for less than you might imagine! Stay in Male to take advantage of the daily market and you’ll be laughing.