Arrr Me Hearties – Pirate Theme your Holiday!

As you may know, here at dealchecker HQ we’re fans of dressing up, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like a pirate theme. Donning an eye patch and peg leg is one thing, but shiver me timbers, there are whole pirate themed holidays out there! Weigh anchor and set sail for these pirate-themed holiday hotspots if you want a swashbucklin’ getaway.

St Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum, Florida

Pirates fight in St Augustine

This town in Florida boasts a pretty beach and some wonderful history, the most important of which concerns pirates. Ransacked by real seafaring pirates in the past, today the town is much more sedate, but head to the Pirate & Treasure Museum to see one of only two real Jolly Roger flags in the world, marvel at a real 1790s blunderbuss, and look at the only true pirates’ treasure chest ever found – plus more.
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LEGOLAND Pirate Rooms

Pirate striped bedding, treasure chests and more
Karen Roe

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel has come over all piratey, so that you (and your kids) can enjoy a night of living it up like a pirate, but with the added comfort of duvets. A treasure chest with clues on how to open it will reveal a LEGO bounty, there’s a (LEGO) parrot for company, and pirate bedding on the ship-style bunk beds really adds to the experience.
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Pirates Adventure, Majorca

Will you save the buried treasure?
Theodore Scott

Treat yourself to a night of adventures with the Pirate Adventure Show in Majorca. Running for 28 years, you get dinner and much more, as you fall into the world of Sir Henry Morgan as he tries to defend his ship and her booty from Pirate Jacques Lafitte once and for all. Feeling flush? Experience it all with more intensity from the Captain’s Table.
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Disney Caribbean Beach Resort

Only at Disney can you get a whole Pirate town!

Channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow at this Disney Hotel! From the tropical beach outside the hotel to the specially decorated rooms with a galleon boat theme, complete with rigging, skull and crossbones and sails. Don’t forget to visit the Calypso Trading Post – your navigation table will show you the way!
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Pirates Village, Majorca

fantastical pirate themed buildings
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They really have thought of everything at this Santa Ponsa hotel – there are fortresses, caverns, waterfalls, pirate attacks and a themed kids’ pool area, as well as a chance to get your hands on some treasure by following a treasure hunt trail around the whole resort! Pirate games and activities abound as well, so you can get some peace and quiet, and enjoy the sun.
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Aquapulco, Austria

Swim past the pirate ship if you dare!
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Around 50 miles from Salzburg in the town of Bad Schallerbach you’ll find a pirate themed water park where you can splash around the pirate ship and walk the plank (ok, zoom along on water slides), follow the adventure path to the hidden safehouse, clamber onto the desert islands and explore the pirates grotto’s. Just watch out for there are stormy seas ahead! They offer special packages including overnight stays too!
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Pirates Cove Adventure Golf, USA

Mini golf with a pirate head looking on

If you like your adventuring to be done at a sedate pace, and any swashbuckling to be kept firmly within bounds, then seek out the Pirates Cove Adventure Golf in a range of US locations, including Lake Buena Vista in Orlando. Ship rigging, desert islands, treasure chests and more are there to be conquered, and don’t forget to come back with a (temporary) tattoo!
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