Four Richer, Four Poorer

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Holidays to New York, the Maldives, Ibiza and Barbados feature regularly on glamorous holiday wish lists – But they’re stuck on that wish list for a reason – they don’t come cheap! Panic not, because here we’ve searched high and low for the poorer cousins of the rich man’s holidays. You can thank us when you get back.

You want Barbados – Try… Crete!

by Wolfgang Staudt

Summer holidays are made for lying on the beach, right? And the pink beaches of Barbados sure do look lovely, just a little on the steep side. Well, Europe actually has a few pink beaches of her own, on the lovely Greek island of Crete. Known for package holidays and partying Brits, it doesn’t exactly have the laid-back Caribbean feel at first glance. But if you head away from the crowds, particularly to the western edge of the island you’ll find nothing but unspoilt beaches, quiet family-run tavernas and blissful peace and quiet. You can even head over to Elafonisi Island to really get away from it all.

You want New York – Try… Barcelona!

Chocolate Shoes
by NetDiva

New York, crammed full of cultural attractions as well as world-renowned shops, a glamorous city destination great for showing off to all your friends where you’ve been and what you’ve bought. But with airfare prices ridiculously high, Barcelona has become the new New York. Most people know it for its architecture, but the amazing number of shops, including many international designers, has been a well-kept secret. And with the savings you make there’s be plenty to spend  on revamping your wardrobe! People just won’t believe where you’ve been.

You want the Maldives – Try… The Red Sea!

Philippine Coral Reef
by HarshLight

Warm seas, beautiful clear water and a host of dive spots are the biggest selling points for holidays in the Maldives, along with perfect weather meaning in your down-time you’ll be able to sunbathe to your heart’s content. Package holidays are all the rage here but you’ll be paying high prices for a long holiday. The Red Sea is well-known for its excellent weather and world-class dive spots and there’s a choice of destinations whether you want luxury or something a little quieter. Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Taba all fit the bill, and the budget, nicely.

You want Ibiza – Try… Newquay?!?

Warehouse rave
by Goodnight London

Huge clubs, all-night parties, plenty of alcohol flowing and stunning scenery are all part and parcel of the Ibiza summer scene, but there’s no doubt that you’re paying the big bucks because it’s the place to be seen. If you just want to party with your mates, then Newquay, Cornwall’s finest, is a perfect alternative. Several big festivals (Run To The Sun and Ripcurl Boardmasters among others) hit the town throughout the summer bringing plenty of beach parties and music events with them. You can even explore the picturesque countryside if you want a nice day trip. And you never know, the sun might just shine, if you get out of bed before dinner time after partying the night away!

top image by JM Rosenfeld