The First Lady Gets a Retouch

The Statue of Liberty celebrates her 125th anniversary this October and will be rewarded with a renovation of her insides! The lifts, the stairs and the viewing platform in the crown will all be given a makeover to bring the famous lady into this century.

Statue of liberty

photo by leedsyorkshire

Never fear though, for those of you planning a holiday in New York, you can still get up and close with a trip to Liberty Island. The island itself will still be open, and as most people don’t queue for the chance to go inside the statue you can still get this quintessential experience.

Manhattan Skyline

photo by buggolo

Take the Circle Line ferry from Battery Park in the south of Manhattan and you’ll see the Statue of Liberty where she has stood for 125 years. Looking backwards you’ll also get a great view of the Manhattan skyline, made famous in countless films and TV programmes.

top image by Celso Flores

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