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The last few months have seen trusty Dr Dealchecker battle with travel troubles of every kind; from money misery to beach boredom, bosses from hell, carbon footprint concerns and everything in between, we truly thought we’d seen it all. But this month we’ve had a different kind of problem altogether just screaming out for a healthy dose of sound advice from the Doc!

Dear Dr Dealchecker,

I have six children, and through the years I’ve learnt that certain places in the world just aren’t child friendly. There’s often no room at the inn when me and my brood pull into town, and apart from that, some places just don’t seem to agree with the idea of children. Where in the world would you suggest I go to treat my kids to some fun in the sun?


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Dear anon,

Italy is surprisingly child-friendly; the Italians as a people are a passionate, family-orientated bunch, and you’ll see tons of huge, fabulous Italian families in restaurants all shouting over each other, laughing and arguing – and no-one cares two jots. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general you’ll find the Italians pretty accepting. The beaches, especially those around the Apennine Peninsula are fantastic for children; they boast the “bandiera blu” (blue flag) for cleanliness and are perfect for a lazy day relaxing in the sunshine with the wee bairns. You’ll find the big cities perfectly suitable for kids, but they might prefer the wide open spaces of the Italian Riviera or one of the lakes. Most hotels in Italy will go out of their way to cater for children, unless they are specifically geared towards an adults-only kind of environement. Ciao, madre e bambini!

Love, Dr Dealchecker

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