Inside London’s Olympic Aquatics Centre

I absolutely adored the innovative design of the Water Cube aquatics centre for China’s Olympic games, but since that’s approximately 5,000 miles and a visa application away, I was even more excited when I went to check out the London Games’ offering last week.

It doesn’t disappoint – From the outside the 160-metre-long wave effect roof appears as a river cutting through a valley of seating, but inside it creates a ceiling that gently swoops and ripples, with dotted lights focussing attention on the show below.

London Olympics - Aquatics centre

London Olympics - Aquatics centre

I got an early view by booking a ticket to the London Prepares series – and went along to see the final of the FINA men’s synchronised three metre dive. Despite sitting in seats about as far away from the spring boards as you could get, I still felt I had a good look at the diving, and there’s a large screen at the other end of the pool to guarantee spectators don’t miss anything.

London Olympics - Aquatics centre divers

Want any tips? Well, watch out for the Chinese divers during the games – and you can’t help but watch the Germans – might be something to do with their shiny red costumes. Oh and layers will be essential for spectators of the aquatic events. Even in the height of our British “summer” I’m willing to bet the temperatures won’t beat the totally tropical interior of the Aquatic Centre.

If you want to visit the Olympic venues ahead of the games there are still plenty of events left in the London Prepares series, including synchronised swimming in April, and athletics and Paralympic athletics in May. You can find out details of tickets when they go on sale here. Plus keep an eye on our UK page – there will be plenty more information on more London events coming this summer!

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